Ys Seven arriving on PCs in the west


According to a web site posting that was reported on the XSEED forums by forum member Pal, Joyoland has announced that they will be bringing the PC version of Ys Seven that they handled in China over to Europe and North America. The company recently ported Zero no Kiseki to the Chinese PC market.

It appears that the company is attempting to broaden their market and finally break through to the Western market after having helped Nihon Falcom bring their more recent Ys and Legend of Heroes games to PC. According to Tom from XSEED Games, they have that they are appearing to use their company's own English script for the game, but due to the fact that Falcom owns the rights to the translation so there's no foul play here.

This is surprising news indeed, but the good that can be said of it is that we will soon be enjoying even more JRPGs for the PC. No other news such as a release date have been announced at this time. Thanks to Endless History for the original post.

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