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Pokemon Quest Recipes List: how to cook every recipe to attract rare Pokemon

It's always nice to get a surprise, and Pokemon Quest is just that - a new Pokemon RPG that has released out of nowhere. Pokemon Quest has some player choice around how you progress. One of the major systems is recipes and cooking - where you combine ingredients to attract new Pokemon with good food - specifically, Pokemon love stews.

On this page, we dive deep into Pokemon Quest cooking with a full list of the recipes in Pokemon Quest and the ingredients you'll need to make those recipes. We'll also get into what each cooking recipe does for your Pokemon, since every stew and meal in impacts the Pokemon attracted to your base camp. As such, the ingredients you drop into the cooking pot really matter.

The more Pokemon you have the better your collection is, of course - but in Pokemon Quest a variety of Pokemon will let you tackle difficult expedition missions more effectively. Remember that aside from using cooking to get new Pokemon, you can also fill out your Pokemon Quest Pokedex through Pokemon evolution. Anyway - here's every recipe in the game:

Pokemon Quest Cooking: Full Recipe List for all Pokemon Types

Here we list every Pokemon Quest recipe and a few different ways to cook each with varying ingredients. There are better ways to create each recipe, so we've listed those. Remember: the better the recipe is created, the better the Pokemon. Here goes...

  • Mulligan Stew a la Cube Recipe

    • You can make this basic stew with any five ingredients you have to hand.
    • The ultimate, special form of the recipe is to make it with 5 Rainbow Matter. That'll attract special Pokemon.
  • Red Stew a la Cube Recipe - for Red Pokemon

    • Use only red ingredients you create this stew. It'll attract Red-ish Pokemon.
    • Craftable with 5 Big Root for best results. Also cookable with 5 Tiny Mushrooms
  • Blue Soda a la Cube Recipe - for Blue Pokemon

    • Use only blue ingredients. Attracts Blue-ish Pokemon.
    • Best: 5 Icy Rock. Also works with 5 Bluk Berry.
  • Yellow Curry a la Cube Recipe - For Yellow Pokemon

    • Use only yellow ingredients. Draws Yellow-ish Pokemon to camp.
    • Best recipe with 5 Honey. Also cookable with 5 Apricorns.
  • Grey Porridge a la Cube Recipe - For Grey Pokemon

    • Cook with grey ingredients only. Attracts Grey-ish Pokemon.
    • Cook with 5 Balm Mushrooms for best results. Also works wiht 5 Fossils.
  • Mouth-Watering Dip a la Cube Recipe: Water Pokemon

    • Recipe: "A whole lot of soft things and a lot of blue"
    • Attracts Water-type Pokemon
    • Craftable with 1 Icy Rock, 2 Bluk Berry and 2 Honey. Also: 3 Bluk Berries and 2 Tiny Mushrooms or 3 Bluk Berries and 2 Big Roots
  • Plain Crepe a la Cube Recipe: Normal Pokemon

    • Recipe: "A lot of sweet things and a few gray"
    • Attracts Normal-type Pokemon
    • Best recipe with 3 Honey and 2 Balm Mushroom. Also craftable with 2 Honey, 2 Balm Mushrooms and 1 Bluk Berry, or 3 Bluk Berry and 2 Fossils
  • Sludge Soup a la Cube Recipe: Poison Pokemon

    • Recipe: "A whole lot of mushrooms and a lot of soft things"
    • Attracts Poison-type Pokemon
    • For best results, make this recipe with 3 Balm Mushroom, 1 Tiny Mushroom and 1 Rainbow Matter. Otherwise, cook with 3 Tiny Mushrooms and 2 Balm Mushrooms
  • Mud Pie a la Cube Recipe: Ground Pokemon

    • Recipe: "A few minerals and a lot of soft things"
    • Attracts Ground-type Pokemon
    • Best: 3 Honey and 2 Icy Rock. Otherwise, cook by using 3 Tiny Mushrooms and 2 Icy Rock or 2 Bluk Berries, 2 Fossils and a Tiny Mushroom
  • Veggie Smoothie a la Cube Recipe: Grass Pokemon

    • Recipe: "A whole lot of plants and a few soft things"
    • Attracts Grass-type Pokemon
    • Cook with 3 Big Roots and 2 Apricorn or 3 Big Roots, 1 Balm Mushroom and 1 Apricorn
  • Honey Nectar a la Cube Recipe: Bug Pokemon

    • Recipe: "A whole lot of sweet things and a lot of yellow"
    • Attracts Bug-type Pokemon
    • Cook by using 3 Honey and 2 Bluk Berries or 3 Honey, 1 Icy Rock and 1 Bluk Berry as your ingredients
  • Brain Food a la Cube Recipe: Psychic Pokemon

    • Recipe: "A lot of sweet things and a few hard things"
    • Attracts Psychic-type Pokemon
    • Cook with these ingredients: 3 Bluk Berries & 2 Apricorns or 3 Bluk Berries, 1 Apricorn and 1 Fossil
  • Stone Soup a la Cube Recipe: Rock Pokemon

    • Recipe: "A whole lot of hard things and a few minerals"
    • Attracts Rock-type Pokemon
    • Cook with 3 Fossils and 2 Apricorn
  • Light-as-Air Casserole a la Cube Recipe: Flying Pokemon

    • Recipe: "A lot of minerals and a few plants"
    • Attracts Flying-type Pokemon
    • For best results, cook with 3 Icy Rock and 2 Big Root. Otherwise, cook with 2 Fossils, 2 Big Roots and 1 Icy Stone
  • Hot Pot a la Cube Recipe: Fire Pokemon

    • Recipe: "A lot of mushrooms and a little red"
    • Attracts Fire-type Pokemon
    • Best: 3 Balm Mushroom and 2 Big Root. Or, craft this recipe with 3 Tiny Mushrooms & 2 Honey. Subtitute the Honey for Bluk Berries or Apricorns if desperate.
  • Watt a Risotta a la Cube Recipe: Electric Pokemon

    • Recipe: "A whole lot of soft things and a lot of yellow"
    • Attracts Electric-type Pokemon
    • Cook this recipe with 2 Tiny Mushrooms, 2 Honey and 1 Apricorn, or 2 Honey, and 1 each of Balm Mushroom, Big Root and Apricorn
  • Get Swole Syrup a la Cube Recipe: Fighting Pokemon

    • Recipe: "A lot of sweet things and a few mushrooms"
    • Attracts Fighting-type Pokemon
    • Cooked with 2 Bluk Berries, 1 Tiny Mushroom, 1 Honey and 1 Balm Mushroom. Or: 2 Berries, 1 Honey and 2 Tiny Mushroom
  • Ambrosia of Legends a la Cube Recipe: Legendary Pokemon

    • Recipe: "A whole lot of mystical things"
    • Attracts Rare (or possibly even legendary?!) Pokemon
    • For more information how to catch a mythical Pokemon, check out our Pokemon Quest Legendary Pokemon guide

Wondering what those cryptic recipe lines from the game mean? Well, have no fear - let us break it down for you...

How many Ingredients to use in each Pokemon Quest Recipe

While we do sort of spoil each recipe's solution in detail above, you might also be wondering about those in-game descriptions and clues and how they factor into what you can cook. The color-coding is pretty obvious depending on the ingredient in question, but you'll also notice clues about 'amounts' of ingredients used such as "a whole lot" or "a few".

This is advice on how many cooking slots should be use, which, as mentioned above, is in part determined by the cooking pots you have access to - with more opening up as you progress in the game. Here's what each description means for your Pokemon Quest Recipes:

  • "a little" - 1 Cooking Slot
  • "a few" - 2 Cooking Slots
  • "a lot" - 3 Cooking Slots
  • "a whole lot" - 4 Cooking Slots

Cooking Pots, and how they impact your Pokemon Quest Recipe Cooking

There are different levels of cooking pot you'll unlock as you progress, and your cooking pot will determine the strenth of your recipe and ingredients used. As a rule, remember that the better the pot the better the meal, and the better the meal the better the Pokemon you'll find attracted to it. There are four pots in the game, and while each will sue more ingredients, they'll also provide better quality meals when you cook Pokemon Quest recipes in them.

  • Normal Pot - Requires 3 of each ingredient
  • Bronze Pot - Requires 10 of each ingredient - Lv. 20+
  • Silver Pot - Requires 15 of each ingredient - Lv. 40+
  • Gold Pot - Requires 20 of each ingredient - Lv. 70+

Remember, too, that you can actually have up to four unique cooking pots, allowing you to cook a few different things at once. We explain how that works on our page on how to get more cooking pots in Pokemon Quest.

Ingredients for Cooking - what each ingredient does in recipes

As you can see above, you'll have to use your head a little to create the in-game recipes appear as intended. Cooking is almost a little like crafting in Pokemon Quest, and that means you'll need to experiment with the various items available in order to try to make the recipes as described. Thankfully, the descriptions attached to recipes - such as sweet, soft, yellow or mineral - can help you determine what items to put in.

Ingredients are picked up when you send your Pokemon out on expeditions, and thus it makes a circle: you'll need better Pokemon to tackle expeditions constantly, and you'll need to recruit new Pokemon by cooking - which requires ingredients from expeditions as per the recipes above. Here's how each ingredient in Pokemon Quest is categorised: 

  • Apricorns: yellow, hard, small, vegetables
  • Balm Mushrooms: grey, soft, precious, mushrooms
  • Big Roots: big, red, soft, precious, vegetables
  • Bluk Berries: blue, soft, small, sweet
  • Fossils: grey, hard, small, minerals
  • Honey: yellow, soft, precious, sweet
  • Icy Rocks: blue, hard, precious, minerals
  • Tiny Mushrooms: red, soft, small

If you want to know where to find every ingredient and on what missions to find them, hit up our Pokemon Quest Ingredient Farming guide - it lists ingredient locations and which levels are best for the rarer drops.

Ambrosia of Legends: using Rainbow Matter and Mystical Shells in recipes

There are a few more final, super-rare ingredients for your Pokemon Quest recipes and cooking, too. These powerful items can have incredible effects on your recipes and save you using other ingredients if you're running low.

  • Rainbow Matter: Rainbow Matter is rare, but it's awesome: it can act as a one-size-fits-all substitute for any other ingredient in the game, so it'll let you cook recipes even if you're missing a piece of the recipes listed above from the actual recipe as intended.
  • Mystical Shell is a special mystical item that can be rewarded from expeditions once in a while, too, and it too can be used in ingredients. Keep an eye out for it - you're lucky if it drops, since it's rare. They say using these items will give you an increased chance of seeing rare, mystical Pokemon come to your camp...

If you want more information on catching Legendary Pokemon like Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, we've got a guide on just that. Hit that link!

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