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Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Storyteller Relic Fragment and Artifact Guide

Early on in Act 2 of Pathfinder: Kingmaker after defeating the Stag Lord and starting your kingdom, you'll encounter the Storyteller, a reclusive older elf that can assist your kingdom by buying historical items of significance off of you (finally you can sell those ancient coins and dryad tokens). While several items are sold purely to convert to gold, others are fragments of gear that the Storyteller can rebuild, returning the powerful ancient gear to its original form.

In addition to rebuilding gear from these fragments, there are also sets of relics that can be collected and returned to unlock stories which expand on Pathfinder lore, and more importantly, reward some experience and gold. We have a list of all of the fragments and relics that can either be rebuilt into gear or unlock stories and where to find the pieces below.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker - All Fragment Locations

Necklace of Double Crosses


  • +4 Trickery
  • +4 Stealth
  • +4 Mobility
  • +2d6 Sneak Attack
  • Allies provoke Attack of Opportunity when moving through a square you threaten.

Fragment Part Name: Scorched Fragment of a Necklace (7 Pieces)

Fragment Locations:

  • Ancient Tomb - On the body of one of Tartuccio's guards.
  • Thorn Ford - In a twig pile near the western river.
  • Old Sycamore - On a kobold near the entrance.
  • Old Sycamore Caves - On the top level in a rock pile in the lower left corner.
  • Old Sycamore Caves - On the bottom level in a pile of stones in the top right corner.
  • Three-Pine Islet - On a tombstone on an island surrounded by traps.
  • Trail in the Hills - Found in the lower right corner.

Trailblazer's Helm


  • DR 2 against Ranged Attacks
  • DR 10 against Falling or Thrown Rocks
  • Can cast Good Hope and Crushing Despair once per day
  • +3 AC and save throws against Giants & Goblins

Fragment Part Name: Dwarven Helm Shard (10 Pieces)

Fragment Locations:

  • Ruined Watchtower - At the top of the cliff in the upper right.
  • Ruined Watchtower - In a hidden chest in the upper left corner.
  • Ruined Watchtower - Hidden under a rock near the lower bridge.
  • Lone House - In the upper right corner.
  • Troll Lair Entrance - In a box on the top left ledge.
  • Troll Lair Entrance - In a chest, on the bottom left ledge.
  • Troll Lair Top Floor - In a chest in the same room as Kargadd.
  • Troll Lair Top Floor - In a chest next to Nagrundi at the top right.
  • Troll Lair Bottom Floor - Under a stone in the room with the glowing symbol.
  • Troll Lair Bottom Floor - Northern corner of the map, underneath a stone next to the treasury.

Forest Knight's Bracers


  • Prevents Shaken status, instead +2 Morale Bonus to Attack Rolls
  • Prevents Frightened or Confused status, instead Hideous Laughter for equal duration
  • Cast Freedom of Movement once per day, 
  • When hit by Fey subtype, roll against Will to frighten monster for 1d4 rounds

Fragment Part Name: Shard of Knights' Bracers (10 Pieces)

Fragment Locations:

  • Ford Across the Skunk River - West of the southern bank where you meet Jubilost.
  • Ruined Watchtower - In a chest to the west of the stone bridge.
  • Lone House - On a dead bandit you fight near the western side.
  • Swamp Witch's Hut - Upper left corner of map guarded by giant slugs.
  • Hodag Lair - Hidden on the right side of the map.
  • Lizardfolk Village - In a chest inside the Chieftain's Hut.
  • Hunting Grounds - On the Giant Fly Trap enemy on the left side of the map.
  • Goblin Fort - In a hidden crate on the eastern side of map near the southeast corner.
  • Womb of Lamashtu - Under a rock on the left hand fork in the room with a Redcap and Giant Spiders.

Ring of Reckless Courage


  • +4 Cha
  • +4 Stealth
  • +4 Trickery
  • +4 Critical Confirmation,
  • +2 DC against Mind-Affecting spells,
  • -2 Wis
  • -4 Perception
  • -2 Will
  • -10 Saving Throw against traps
  • Confusion for 1d4 turns after being critically hit

Fragment Part Name: Melted Shard of a Ring (12 Pieces)

Fragment Locations:

  • Bridge over Gudrin River - Upper right part of the map.
  • Bridge over Gudrin River - Near the NW entrance.
  • Wolf Lair - In a box on ridge.
  • Lonely Barrow - Body in the first room. 
  • Hunting Grounds - Found on a Hydra's corpse in the center-south area of the map.
  • Hunting Grounds - In a chest NE corner of map near where the wyvern event occurs.
  • Hunting Grounds - On a corpse of a Primal Fly Trap in the upper right of the map.
  • Goblin Fort - In a crate next to a prisoner cage, near the fort entrance.
  • Goblin Fort - On a body of a Goblin Commando, in the upper part of goblin fort.
  • Womb of Lamashtu - On a body of a Primal Giant Spider Matriarch, near the West door before First World Portal.
  • Shrine of Lamashtu - To the left of the crossroads.
  • Dragonleaf Gulch - In a rubble pile next to a flytrap.

Cloak of Sold Souls


  • -4 Con
  • +2 Caster Level for Necromancy & Summoning Spells
  • +2 DC for Necromancy Spells
  • Can cast Vampiric Touch three times per day
  • DC 25 to unequip

Fragment Part Name: Ancient Scrap of Script-Covered Leather (16 Pieces)

Fragment Locations:

  • Lost Barrow - Room in a side door on the lower left side in a Sarcophagus.
  • Lost Barrow - Same room as above, in another Sarcophagus.
  • Overgrown Cavern - On a rock to the left of the entrance.
  • Varnhold - In a small box next to the western house on the south bank.
  • Varnhold Fort Interior - Inside a small room after the first corridor.
  • Varnhold Fort Interior - In a room adjacent to the previous one.
  • Kellid Barbarian Camp - On a body in the left ravine at the entrance.
  • Sepulchre of Forgotten Heroes - Behind the timed red symbol door on the east side.
  • Sepulchre of Forgotten Heroes - In the same northern room as the blue timed switch.
  • City of Hollow Eyes - On a dead body in the northwest.
  • City of Hollow Eyes - Dropped by a Dread Zombie Cyclops in the same area.
  • Gates to the Valley of the Dead - Past the gate.
  • Vordakai's Tomb - Just past where the crow asks for a companions name for the first time.
  • Vordakai's Tomb - West side of the room with the Soul Eaters and Giant Undead Cyclops.
  • Vordakai's Tomb - In the western corridor out of the oil pit on the subfloor.
  • Vordakai's Tomb - In the hidden room with Willas Gunderson on the subfloor, east side, on the sarcophagus. 

Note that Vordakai's Tomb can only be visited once.

Tiger's Stripes

Stats(Not confirmed)

  • +2 Wis
  • +2 Cha
  • +4 Saving throws s against compulsion and poisons.
  • If equipped by a paladin, can use Smite Evil two times per day

Fragment Part Name: Leather Scrap covered in Ancient Runes (16 Pieces)

Fragment Locations

  • Swamp Ruins - Found right near the entrance.
  • Swamp Ruins - Drop from the Ferocious Devourer.
  • Tenacious March - East of the acid slug.
  • Abandoned Keep - First room to the left as you exit the library, west side.
  • Fossil Fields - On the body of the sorcerer medusa on the river bank.
  • Verdant Chambers (-Southeast of the rubble to the SE of the Stairs.
  • Desecrated Cairn - On the treasure pile in the back.
  • Armag's Tomb - In the east corridor from ice maze on the body of a barbarian.
  • Armag's Tomb - Take the southeast exit to the lower level, grate on the north side of the room.
  • Armag's Tomb - On the subfloor level, in a chest in the southwest corner of the room to the east of the iron golem.
  • Armag's Tomb - On the subfloor level, chest in the very center of the map, there's a hidden door on the eastern edge.
  • Armag's Tomb - On the subfloor level, in a pile of bones on the southeast of the hidden door above.
  • Armag's Tomb - In Zorek's room, southwest of the stone king on a throne on a grate.
  • Armag's Tomb - Zorek's room, northwest of the stone king.) (Not Confirmed)
  • Armag's Tomb - In Armag's room in a chest on west side.
  • Rill and Spill - Dropped by Lady of Shallow.

Star Commander's Gloves


  • +8 Str
  • 4d6 damage ranged attack

Fragment Part Name: Piece of Skymetal (17 Pieces)

Fragment Locations:

  • Dappled Quagmire - Southeast side of the map.
  • Dappled Quagmire - At the north end of the map.
  • Abandoned Keep - In the central room with Nyrissa.
  • Verdant Chambers - On the eastern side of the map, pass a Mobility check or climb down from the tree on the upper ledge.
  • Raspberry Gully - On a druid's body on the east side of the map.
  • Charred Ruins - On the body of the Skillfully-made iron golem.
  • Gnawed Rocks - body of the Gargoyle Edritch Chieftan.
  • Armag's Tomb - In the room with ferocious devourer, requires passing a skill check.
  • Ornate Ruins - Looted from the Golden Golem.
  • Giggling Hill - Northeast corner of the map.
  • Middle of Nowhhere - Body to the south west.
  • The Menagerie - In a crate to the north (bugged).
  • Pitax Royal Palace - Looted from Gaetane.
  • Pitax Royal Palace - First room to the left after Gaetane.
  • Pitax Royal Palace - East corner, second to last room.
  • Pitax Port - At the southeast corner.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker - All Relic Locations

Restovic Relic Locations

  • Restovic Ranger's Broken Arrow: Old Sycamore - Near the Kobold entrance on a dead body.
  • Restovic Paladin's Crumpled Helmet: Sycamore Depths Sublevel - East hallway from the Giant Centipede.
  • Restovic Swordlord's Empty Sheathe: Sycamore Depths Sublevel - Southeast corner near the Giant Spider.
  • Restovic Inquisitor's Broken Crossbow: Sycamore Depths - Looted fromTartuccio.
  • Restovic Sorceress's Discharged Staff: Oak-That-Strayed - Northwest corner of the area.

Reward: 600 Experience, 4,000 Gold. 

Dwarven Blacksmith Relic Locations

  • Soot Blackened Apron: Ruined Watchtower- In a chest at the top of the tower.
  • Soot Blackened Brand: Gnome Camp - In the Skunk River Ford. Note: Time-limited area, must loot on first visit.
  • Soot Blackened Gloves: Troll Lair Top Floor - In a chest south of the entrance.
  • Soot Blackened Tongs: Troll Lair Bottom Floor - In a chest next to Hargulka's throne.
  • Soot Blackened Hammer: Troll Lair Bottom Floor - In a chest near the southern entrance's moon door.

Reward: 11,25 Experience, 10,000 Gold.

Cypress Queen Relic Locations

  • Cypress Queen's Goblet: Troll Lair Top Floor - Behind a secret wall next to the painting kobold.
  • Cypress Queen's Flute: Candlemere Tower - Found on Duke Dazzleflare's body.
  • Cypress Queens Quill: Lake Silverstep Village - Inside the cave on the region's map.
  • Cypress Queen's Crown: Womb of Lamashtu - Looted from the Primal Manticore.
  • Cypress Queen's Flower: ???

Reward: Unknown.

Taldan Relic Locations

  • Taldan Whip: Bridge over Gudrin River - Inside the Crag Linnorm's cave. Be ready for a fight or use stealth.
  • Taldan Horseshoe: Goblin Village - On the hill to the south of the goblin merchant.
  • Taldan Snaffle: Hunting Grounds - On a northern cliff.
  • Taldan Spur: Goblin Fort - Drops from a shaman to the south-west.
  • Talden Stirrup: Loney Barrow - In the Northeastern room with the berserker.

Reward: 1,500 Experience, 10,000 Gold.

Fallen Warrior Relic Locations

  • Fallen Warrior's Boot: Varnhold Fort Interior - On the Second Floor in a chest in Maegar's room.
  • Fallen Warrior's Sheath: City of Hollow Eyes - On the body of a Dread Cyclopean Priest to the north.
  • Fallen Warrior's Buckle: Sepulchre of Forgotten Heroes - Beyond the yellow door in the upper left corner.
  • Fallen Warrior's Flask: - In Vordakai's room in Vordakai's Tomb.
  • ???

Reward: Unknown.

Ancient Kellid Relic Locations

  • Ancient Kellid Rope Fragment: Desecrated Cairn - Found in a treasure pile in the back.
  • Ancient Kellid Adornment Piece: Armag's Tomb - Southern hallway after the ice maze, on a body of a barbarian.
  • Ancient Kellid Sword Shard: Armag's Tomb - On a barbarian body in the lightning/fire corridor.
  • Ancient Kellid Clothing Bag: Armag's Tomb Subfloor - In a chest in the upper right corner of the room with the iron golem.
  • Ancient Kellid Ceramic Potsherd: Armag's Tomb - Found in Armag's treasure room, behind a secret door to the northeast of his altar.

Reward: 2250 Experience, 10,000 Gold.

Technic League Relic Locations

  • Bent Wrench with the Technic League's Brand: Two-Faced Hill - On a corpse in the cave.
  • Broken Drill with the Technic League's Brand: Pitax Royal Palace - Northwest of the entrance
  • Chipped Magnifying Glass with the Technic League's Brand: Whiterose Abbey - Found behind the Gardener.
  • Melted Pliers with the Technic League's Brand: Wicked Hill - Chest to the north of the summoning circle.
  • ???

Reward: Unknown.

Tree Crest Relic Locations

  • Tree Crest Buckle:  Castle of Knives - Southwestern corner in some rubble.
  • Tree Crest Comb: Castle of Knives - East Wall area, looted from the Immense Mandragora.
  • Tree Crest Flask: - ???
  • Tree Crest Snuffbox: - ???
  • ???

Reward: Unknown.

Note that this list is incomplete with some of the later collections of items, including some artifact pieces involving the Technic League and Tree Crest items. Due to the buggy nature of the game this late in the story, it might take some time for the community to gather the names and locations of these, and we will update this article when possible.

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