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Caim is forced into a pact with a dragon, a creature he despises, in order to live and continue to fight the wicked empire. Drakengard has the player reigning destruction down in the sky and on the ground alike.

Drakengard 2

Eighteen years have passed since the war between the Empire and the Union. Nowe, a young soldier raised by a dragon, meets Manah, a woman with a mysterious past. Together they take on Gismor, the leader of the Knights of the Seal, and his band of twisted lieutenants.

Final Fantasy X

The popular Final Fantasy series continues in its first iteration for Sony's Playstation 2. FFX introduces a brand new environment, voice acting, a new battle system and more.

Final Fantasy X-2

The first ever full sequel to a previous Final Fantasy title, FFX-2 returns to Spira to follow Yuna, Rikku and newcomer Paine in their adventures.

Final Fantasy XI

The Final Fantasy series moves in yet another direction, this time returning in the form of an MMORPG. Players will battle to save the world of Vana'diel with 5 different character types and 15 different job classes.

Final Fantasy XII

The 12th entry in the ever successful Final Fantasy Series, FFXII goes back to the roots of the series after a long hiatus filled with remakes and spin-off adventures like Crystal Chronicles and FFX-2, following Vaan on a sweeping, involving plot.

Grandia II

The second entry in Game Arts' Grandia series casts players Ryudo, a young mercenary who gets drawn into greatly complex world-altering events.