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Chrono Trigger

The SNES classic is back! One of the greatest RPGs of all time has been revived by it's creators for Nintendo DS!

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Final Fantasy IX

Designed as both a tribute to Final Fantasy's past and a promise of a bright future to come, Final Fantasy IX rounds out FF's 'Golden' PS1 era.

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Final Fantasy VI

The sixth mainline entry in the Final Fantasy series, originally released in the west as Final Fantasy III

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Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy's first foray into full 3D graphics brings about an epic storyline with deep characters, wonderful sound and fantastic fun.

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Final Fantasy VIII

Take control of trainee SeeD member Squall at the Balamb Garden Military Academy as he and his friends are drawn into an international conflict in Square Enix's second PS1 Final Fantasy title.

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The first in the Adventure RPG franchise by Game Arts