Latest Games

7th Dragon

7th Dragon was developed by Imageepoch and published by Sega, and released in Japan in 2009.

Blue Dragon Plus

The first sequel to Hironobu Sakaguchi's Blue Dragon switches from the Xbox 360 to the Nintendo DS and takes a strategy RPG approach to combat.

Chrono Trigger

This Squaresoft RPG classic originally released for Super Nintendo in 1995, followed by a PSX, DS, and PC release.


A rebellious young boy, a space professor, a space dog that dreams of being a cat called Mochi and a Nintendo DS player are brought together to locate the professor's lost power cells and restore his space ship, before the people after him catch up again!

Disgaea DS

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness makes its way to another handheld system, this time offering DS gamers a chance to play the addictive SRPG adventure.