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PlayStation Vita TV announced, supports Persona 4: Golden, FFX/X-2, more

Sony has announced PlayStation Vita TV, a brand new mini-console of sorts that'll allow users to play Vita games on their TV using a small device.

Sony Computer Entertainment International president and group CEO Andrew House came on stage at the end of today's Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia pre-TGS press conference to unveil the device, which will come with a DualShock 3 and an 8Gb Memory Card.

Also including a slot for users to put in their game cards bought at retail, PS Vita TV will allow players to also play PlayStation 4 games via Remote Play. Vita and PS4's Remote Play capabillities were recently shown during the company's gamescom press conference with a demo of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

The system will also allow for digital services like TV catch-up service Hulu.

Sony also confirmed the list of supported games for PS Vita. On the list that is of note is Persona 4: The Golden and Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster.

Here's a list of some of the notable RPGs that PS Vita TV supports.

+ Dragon's Crown (Atlus)
+ Persona 4: The Golden (Atlus)
+ Atelier Plus ~ Arland of Totori (Gust)
+ Atelier Plus ~ Arland of Merle (Gust)
+ Final Fantasy X HD Remaster (Square Enix)
+ Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster (Square Enix)
+ Lord of Apocalypse (Square Enix)
+ Soul Sacrifice (Sony Computer Entertainment WorldWide Studios)
+ Soul Sacrifice Delta (Sony Computer Entertainment WorldWide Studios)
+ God Eater 2 (Namco Bandai)
+ Valhalla Knights 3 (Marvelous AQL)
+ Steins Gate (5pb)


PlayStation Vita TV will release in Japan on November 14 for 9,980 Yen (£60/$95).

Vita TV's announcement at the end of the press conference also came off the back of the announcement of a PlayStation Vita 2000 line-up that was announced at the beginning of the show featuring a slimmer and lighter Vita model as well as new colours and the addition of an LCD screen than an OLED screen. The new line will release in Japan on October 10. 


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