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9 / 10

Chaos;Child (Steam) Review

Chaos;Child comes to PC, and we take a dive into Chaos World to see how the Visual Novel holds up.

8 / 10

Atelier Arland Trilogy PS4 Review

Koei Tecmo has ported the Plus versions of the Atelier Arland games to consoles and PC, and if you haven't given these titles a try yet, now's your chance.

9 / 10

Yakuza 0 PC Review

The Yakuza series bursts onto PC in a promising, albeit imperfect debut.

9 / 10

Steins;Gate 0 (Steam) Review

Steins;Gate 0 is as depressing as ever on PC; we take a look at Steins;Gate's sequel (interquel?), and hash out whether it's worth reading for fans of the original.