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4 / 10

Chronus Arc Review

This download-only tribute to the 16-bit RPG era is a difficult to recommend grindfest.

6 / 10

Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey Review

Gorgeous art and solid combat aren't enough to push this mobile RPG to greatness, though its potential is enormous.

6 / 10

Amnesia: Memories Review

This visual novel tells a good story, but a big flaw ruins a lot of the experience.

7 / 10

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Review

FF's latest free-to-play effort steers clear of in-app-purchase hell, but is still just a touch too greedy.

3 / 10

Alphadia Genesis Review

Dear script writers: If your party's reaction to a terrifying building appearing out of nowhere is for all the ladies to dogpile on the main character for fun, you're doing something wrong.

7 / 10

Pier Solar HD Video Review

This game has a very targeted market - fans of old school RPGs looking for a nostalgia trip.

7 / 10

Deus Ex: The Fall Review

You never asked for this, but it's here anyway. Should you play it?