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2 / 10

Arc of Alchemist Review

Idea Factory's latest release stretches the limits of what can be called a playable videogame.

2 / 10

Best Friend Forever Review

Looking for a wholesome dog raising sim? You're barking up the wrong tree.

3 / 10

MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death Review

MeiQ is a low quality title whose flaws permeate through every twist and turn of this dungeon crawler.

3 / 10

Cross Edge Review

We take a look at the European release of the exclusive crossover mash-up RPG for PS3.

3 / 10

New Gundam Breaker Review

The weird need to reinvent itself onto a competitive format has damaged this newest Gundam game every step of the way.

3 / 10

Alphadia Genesis Review

Dear script writers: If your party's reaction to a terrifying building appearing out of nowhere is for all the ladies to dogpile on the main character for fun, you're doing something wrong.