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3 / 10

MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death Review

MeiQ is a low quality title whose flaws permeate through every twist and turn of this dungeon crawler.

3 / 10

Shenmue III Review

Shenmue III is meant to be for fans that have waited almost 20 years for the continuation of this story. It was never meant to appeal to anyone else.

3 / 10

Cross Edge Review

We take a look at the European release of the exclusive crossover mash-up RPG for PS3.

3 / 10

New Gundam Breaker Review

The weird need to reinvent itself onto a competitive format has damaged this newest Gundam game every step of the way.

3 / 10

Alphadia Genesis Review

Dear script writers: If your party's reaction to a terrifying building appearing out of nowhere is for all the ladies to dogpile on the main character for fun, you're doing something wrong.