Kingdom Hearts 3D Announced for North America and Europe

As if it wasn't obvious enough, Kingdom Hearts 3D is slated for a western release. Square Enix formally announced today that the latest collaboration between Disney and themselves would release sometime in 2012 for North American and European countries.

"With the tenth anniversary of the series on the horizon, the current KINDGOM HEARTS saga is approaching its climactic conclusion. The story of this game will serve as the opening chapter of the final conflict, and, as always, will be full of surprises. In order to best implement this element of surprise and discover new realms of possibility, we have chosen Nintendo 3DS as our platform. With its revolutionary new game system, this title will not only be a bold, exhilarating tale of adventure, but also a first look into the future form of the KINGDOM HEARTS series," said Tetsuya Nomura, director of Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance].

The game sports a variety of new features, including dual protagonists, free-flow action, new creatures, worlds and more!

Exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, Kingdom Hearts 3D promises to be a new 3D adventure like you've never seen. A fully localized trailer is due out soon, but in the meantime, take a look at the recently released Japanese version below.

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