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Alex Donaldson
Network Manager / Editor-in-Chief

One of the founders of the UFF Network and RPG Site, Alex has been with the site since its conception. He currently acts as the Network Director as well as the Senior Editor of RPG Site content. He oversees editorial policy and contributes content regularly here while also acting as the all-seeing eye across other network sites, dealing with advertising, community and PR issues.

Outside of RPG Site and the UFF Network, Alex spends his days toiling away as a freelance writer, smithing words about video games and technology for a variety of publications.

Mike Chittenden
Network Programmer

Mike was with UFFSite for several years before co-founding the UFF Network in collaboration with Alex Donaldson and Phil Conheady in June 2006. He is currently in charge of the network technology, including the site's custom-built content management system and the pages that end-users (you) see.

As well as being the man for the network's technology, Mike is also a keen member of the Network Community and contributes to day-to-day running of the site through bug fixes and design tweaks, also stepping into a PR role when Alex is unable.

Erren Van Duine
Senior US Editor

A self-confessed Final Fantasy fanatic, Erren joined the UFF Network staff in 2010. Since then, she's helped to expand the coverage of RPG Site and the network in North America as the site's Senior US Editor. She manages all this while also continuing to manage and run a Final Fantasy-focused arm of the network that she founded, Nova Crystallis.

Outside the world of video game writing, she is currently pursuing a degree in History and Political Science at Indiana University.

Zack Reese
Senior Editor and Social Media Manager

Zack has been a member of RPG Site since its launch. He mainly contributes editorials and articles for content.

He mainly enjoys covering dungeon crawlers and strategy RPGs. He holds a Marketing degree from the University of Northern Iowa.

Simon Chun
Staff Member

Simon is an avid RPG gamer critiquing various aspects of RPGs whether it be story, audio, gameplay, or visuals. Simon primarily focuses on reviews and features to take advantage of his detailed analysis of games and the industry that it is a part of.

He prefers combat systems that are active but won't bat an eye to something that stands out from its contemporaries such as Final Fantasy V or Resonance of Fate.

Elizabeth Henges
Staff Writer

Elizabeth is trapped under a mountain of backlogged games that she can never hope to beat. When not adding more games to her pile of shame, Liz slowly works through the retro titles she missed out on in the past, and comes to RPGSite to write about her RPG related escapades.

David Kreinberg
Staff Member

David has been working at RPGsite since 2011. He mostly posts news along with the occasional review and preview.

Outside of RPGsite, David is a published author who currently has one book out called 'Freeze Kill' about a serial killer that can stop time. He is in the process of writing his second novel.

Adam Vitale
Staff Member

A fan of many types of RPGs - old and new - Adam joined RPGSite in 2013. He is currently pursuing a graduate degree at Georgia Institute of Technology

Katie Punsly
Contributing Editor

Katie hopes to combine her love of writing with her love of video games in writing for RPGSite. She has been with RPGSite since launch. In her life before RPGSite, she edited books for publication and wrote for local newspapers and university magazines.

She loves everything from action-RPGs to turn-based ones. In the real world, she has a B.A. in English from Claremont McKenna and a M.A. in Philosophy from GSU.

John-Paul Jones
Staff Member

John-Paul Jones is a software tester who also moonlights as a writer for both RPG Site and its sister site The Gaming Vault.

Dave Ward
Interviews Contributor

Dave is a veteran of gaming websites, having been everything from a forum moderator to a webmaster on various sites since 2001. When not gaming and pretending it is work, he can be found either working on his horror movie review website or gathering with fellow vegans from around the country. Dave's the Interviews Editor of RPG Site, and specializes in interviews with less appreciated members of games staff including voice actors, writers and translators. Hobbies include acting, writing, and talking about himself in the third person.

Kyle Gaddo

Kyle considers himself as having two loves in this world - music and video games. He wields his frighteningly encyclopaedic knowledge of both online as a writer, contributing to both music and gaming sites across the web. He's also the Editor and Co-Founder of SaveContinue, another UFF Network site.

His claims to fame include writing and recording his own music, beating Emerald Weapon without Underwater Materia and being an accomplished Pokémon Trainer.

John Davison

John Davison is a part-time contributor to RPG Site who spends his day-to-day teaching English in Japanese schools. Being fluent in the home language of many of the genre's finest, John intermittently provides impressions on Japanese releases and translations of the latest news from Japanese publications.

Johnny Cullen

Johnny is a news monster who made his name as the UK News Editor for Since leaving that role, he's become a roving news and features hound online and in print, and occasionally drops in for a piece or two as part of that. He's also freelanced for Eurogamer, Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Official Xbox Magazine UK and Polygon.

Follow him on Twiter @JohnnyCullen.

Alex Seedhouse

Alex - also known as 'Seedy' - has been around the UK games writing scene for a fair while now. He pours a good chunk of his time into running his own site, Nintendo Insider, but on occasion he shows his face here on RPG Site to talk about the genre - and to give himself a break from only ever covering Nintendo!