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Ps3_info Ps4_info Pc_info 8 / 10

Tales of Berseria Review

A refreshing return to form for the storied "Tales of" franchise.

Ps4_info 9 / 10

Horizon Zero Dawn Review

Through its stunning world, thrilling combat, and heartwarming story, Horizon Zero Dawn is bound to be one of this year's most memorable games.

Ps4_info 9 / 10

Nioh Review

This may be one of the best games that I have had the pleasure of playing in years.

Pc_info 7 / 10

Disgaea 2 PC Review

Another Disgaea makes its way to PC, and it's a solid SPRG - if you don't mind flat characters and a boring storyline.

Pc_info Psp_info Vita_info 7 / 10

Criminal Girls: Invite Only Review

A near-direct port of the handheld release that delivers an enjoyable experience - if you don't mind all the fanservice.

Vita_info 8 / 10

Atelier Shallie Plus Review

Technical issues aside, this is clearly the best version of the game that does a lot to improve the main complaints of the original release.