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Ps3_info Ps4_info 10 / 10

Persona 5 Review

Stylish, fun, and utterly relentless in its vision, Persona 5 delivers one of the best Japanese RPG experiences in years.

Ps4_info Xone_info Pc_info 7 / 10

Dark Souls III The Ringed City Review

This experimental final look into the world of Dark Souls is fascinating, but also comes with a few critical missteps.

Ps3_info Vita_info Ps4_info 8 / 10

Toukiden 2 Review

It's the console monster hunting game you've been wanting, but with a far bigger emphasis on story and exploration.

Pc_info Ps4_info Xone_info 7 / 10

Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

A worthy entry into the Mass Effect series on the basis of lore, story, and characters. However, technical failings hold it back.