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Vita_info Ps4_info 6 / 10

God Wars Future Past Review

While it boasts a deep job and skill system, God Wars falls short of being an easily recommended Strategy RPG

Ps4_info 4 / 10

Dark Rose Valkyrie Review

Despite its interesting premise, Dark Rose Valkyrie is hard to recommend.

Vita_info Ps4_info Pc_info Xone_info 8 / 10

Cosmic Star Heroine Review

Cosmic Star Heroine is a fun space adventure and throwback to the 16 Bit era of JRPGs while also bringing enough unique ideas to stand all on its own.

Pc_info Ps4_info 5 / 10

Birthdays the Beginning Review

Birthdays is a fantastic idea on paper, but suffers from some very poor execution that hinders the overall experience.