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Ps3_info Ps4_info 8 / 10

Yakuza Kiwami Review

A fantastic jumping on point for newcomers and appealing to long time fans as well. Prepare for a night on the town with Kamurocho's finest.

Pc_info Ps4_info Xone_info Mobile_info 7 / 10

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Review

A New Frontier has a wonderfully diverse cast and it tackles its themes with nuance and complexity. However, some inconsistent writing and recycled plot elements restrict its potential.

Vita_info Pc_info 5 / 10

Moero Chronicle Review

This dungeon crawler is loaded to the gills with fanservice, but some neat systems can't make up for a forgettable adventure.

Ps4_info Vita_info Xone_info 3 / 10

Valkyria Revolution Review

Frustrating shortcomings in its abundant cutscenes and gameplay make this the weakest entry in the Valkyria series yet.

Pc_info Ps4_info 9 / 10

Pyre Review

Supergiant goes three for three with another title you don't want to miss.