Nintendo Corporate Management Policy Briefing

On June 7, 2006, Nintendo briefed the media on upcoming technologies, providing a persuasive argument as to why investors can expect successes in Nintendo's risky, but innovative, ventures.

Wii being the epitome of risky and innovative, but I think Nintendo has pulled it off

On June 21st, video footage, in addition to a slide presentation, was made available to the public at this site:

This hour and a half long video speaks of how the DS has fared, and what can be expected of it in he future, as well as how it will work with the upcoming Wii, and more demonstrations of Wii technology. Satoru Iwato supplements his notes with slide-show presentations that show graphs of revenue of the latestspe DS games, comparisons of console sales, and demographics of all prospective gamers. But, more interestingly, he shows video footage of people enjoying both the DS and the Wii. Much of the conference shows different people utilizing the new features of the Wii and how it corresponds to its DS counterpart.

Nintendo intends to target audiences that buy the least video games, for example, the lapsed users near the end of the age spectrum, and are trying to solve the puzzle as to why people quit playing video games.

For example, a conductor comes out to show off the Wii's orchestra game. In this game, you use the Wiimote as a baton and control the dynamics of a symphony as it plays music from the Legend of Zelda series. The music goes as fast or slow as you move the Wiimote, though it is difficult to discern just how sections of instruments are handled.

Miyamoto conducts at the Kodak Theater. Behind him is a panning shot over rows of the orchestra, which are made up of three-dimensional cartoon figures with instruments that respond to the Wiimote.

A better look at the orchestra.

Later, Iwato comes out with three other men to play a game of doubles tennis. Each of them swings the Wiimote as a tennis racket and hit the ball back to one another. On a large screen behind them, you can see their cartoon counter parts reenacting their moves. One man even demonstrates several details of the tennis game, and performs a backhand stroke.

Each person takes turns at swinging the Wiimote, which controls a cartoon character on the screen.

One of the players

The game positions at the start. Each team as their own screen, and can see one opponent close up and one far away

Games are short and only go to three points. In this, the second team has miscalculated and hit the ball out of bounds.

Finally, there is a brief glimpse into a fighter pilot game in which you navigate a jet through mountains and ring circles using the Wiimote.

The plane is controled by holding the Wiimote straight and flat, pointing at the screen. The rises or dives are made by tilting it at an incline or decline respectively

As for DS titles, Nintendo promises to provide more games for the hardcore gamers, as well as their newer intended audiences, inclusive of a Common Knowledge Power Trainer game and Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, which is compatible with the Wii in a very Pokemon Stadium-esque way.

It's unknown if the Final Fantasy series will continue with games on the DS, but there will be a version of Final Fantasy III available.

Another DS game that will be released.


The two new Pokemon games, Pokemon: Diamond and Pokemon: Pearl

All of this ties into the way Nintendo intends to revolutionize the industry. It claims that other consoles believe new technology to be limited to higher resolution graphics, more memory capacity, and lengthy games to keep buyers from going through games too quickly. Nintendo instead emphasizes that new technology can reach different areas that need improvement, such as less power usage, connection to the Internet 24/7, less disruptiveness, family-friendly gaming, and games that vary from day to day.

For example, you might wake up and notice that your Animal Crossing character has given you a gift.

Nintendo is very concerned about reaching a wider demographic of casual gamers, especially increasing the presence of gaming in households. It strives to reach more family members so that no one is discontent with gaming. Additionally, it wants to be easy enough for new gamers to play, and challenging enough to keep the more hardc0re fans. Nintendo's path reaches more obscure demographics and make gaming less of an esoteric hobby. This is demonstrated well with the sales of the new Nintendogs and Brain Age games.

A popular game in which you can train a dog without the mess or the Tamagochi.

Testing your speed at quick and easy math problems using the DS stylus

A prospective called "DS Cooking Nabi[Navigation]." On the box, it says that "The DS helps with cooking" and that it is an easy guide. It will not function so much as a game, but as a cookbook, which you can ask about a recipe and be told what to do when cooking a specific dish.

Sample questions of the prospective DS Common Knowledge Power Trainer Game. There is even a pass option in green if you'd like to skip the question.

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