Write for us

RPG Site was built to be a truly specialist site, offering role playing video game coverage from the biggest nerds around. We also want the site to feature a wide variety of voices from all walks of life around the world - and so we're constantly looking for people to join our team, either as freelancers or as more regular contributing staff members.

Founded in 2006, RPG Site now has a reputation for quality reporting, fair reviews and detailed critique, guides and feature articles - so we're looking for people who can help continue that tradition.

Those looking to join us should be self-starters who want to work in a vibrant, varied team. They should, of course, be huge RPG fans - and if you have a specifically deep knowledge of a certain subgenre or franchise, all the better. Knowing the site is a must, and having a vision for how the site and its coverage could be expanded or bettered in specific ways is a huge bonus.

RPG Site is not currently recruiting for any full-time roles, but we always have room on our team for regular contributors who can provide news, reviews, guides, features and other work as-needed on a freelance basis. These positions are paid freelance. As a hobbyist site, RPG Site does not have the sort of budget to match the freelance rates of the largest games media publications, but we offer rates that match and generally better those paid by our peers.

As well as regular contributors, RPG Site is open to one-off freelance pitches - which likewise, would be paid contributions.

Please forward all pitches and ideas to [email protected], including [RPG Site Contributors] in the subject line, or reach out to us on twitter @RPGSite - our DMs are open. We want you!