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Ps4_info Pc_info 9 / 10

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Review

Thanks to its heartwarming characters, whimsical soundtrack, and gorgeous visuals that are simply a treat to look at, there is much to appreciate in this sequel.

Pc_info Vita_info Ps4_info Switch-icon Xone_info 8 / 10

Attack On Titan 2 Review

This is an example of a sequel that improves upon its predecessor in almost every possible way.

Ps4_info 8 / 10

Yakuza 6 Review

The story of Kazuma Kiryu comes to a dramatic and ultimately satisfying close.

Switch-icon 6 / 10

Mercenaries Saga Chronicles Review

Mercenaries Saga Chronicles offers three SRPGs for the Nintendo Switch, and while they're relatively standard games, there is still fun to be had.

Pc_info Switch-icon 8 / 10

Subsurface Circular Review

Subsurface Circular is a short game, but it's a satisfying title that doesn't overstay its welcome.