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Pc_info Ps4_info 7 / 10

Children of Zodiarcs Review

With deep mechanics offering a fun and refreshing take on tactical elements, this indie SRPG provides an overall satisfying experience for the genreā€™s fans.

Pc_info 6 / 10

Tokyo Dark Review

Cherrymochi's S.P.I.N on the adventure genre makes for a flawed, but compelling psychological thriller.

Missing 3ds_info 8 / 10

Fire Emblem Warriors Switch Review

Fire Emblem Warriors will be a great spin-off title for fans of the modern Fire Emblem games, with solid gameplay to boot.

Pc_info Ps4_info Xone_info 8 / 10

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Review

With Uruk-hai rallied to your side, this return to Middle-earth impresses in its fearless ambition but is soon let down by repetitive mission design.