Wii Interface Explained

When turning on the Wii, users are greeted almost immediately by a beautiful and amazingly functional software interface. This article will cover what options are available, and what nifty tricks your little Wii can do just for you.

Disc Channel The Disc 'Channel' (options are called 'channels') is pretty self-explanatory. It allows the user to play a Wii game from the disk, or one of 530 compatible Gamecube games.

Mii Channel Allows the user to create funny, exaggerated caricatures that can be used as characters in a variety of Wii software and games. Portraits can be saved to the Wiimote's memory and taken to a friend's Wii console. Each Wiimote can be customized or personalized with their own fun caricature.

Photo Channel Is basically like a Wii Image Manipulation Program. (WIMP, if it takes your fancy) The Photo Channel allows the user to manipulate pictures from a flash SD memory card, create slideshows, cutting, pasting, cropping, a variety of mood filters (B&W, mosaic, pencil crayon effect, etc.) Users can even give their slideshows musical backing. The channel allows for fun, easy and entertaining image editing that can be shared with other Wii users by simple use of Nintendo's WiiConnect24 service.

Forecast Channel This, is as nifty as it gets. Within a few seconds of turning on your Wii, using the WiiConnect24 service, you can have local weather reports sent straight to your TV screen at the touch of a button and the wave of a remote. Find out if it's going to rain on Sunday, or if New York City is wet or dry - the choice as they say, is yours. Forecasts for cities around the world are even viewable on a 3D globe, not dissimilar from Google Earth.

News Channel Again, very nifty little feature, or 'Channel'. Access breaking news from around the globe in seconds. The WiiConnect24 service automatically updates, arranges, and categorizes news in a variety of different categories etc. News locations are viewable yet again on a 3D globe.

Wii Shop Channel Go here to either buy or exchange Wii Points for downloadable games (Virtual Console) or software, such as the Opera Browser developed for the Wii, useable in The Internet Channel.

Internet Channel With no extra cost except your own broadband connection charges, Wii's Internet Channel Allows users to browse the internet for any purpose at all - quick research (The Million Dollar Questions don't seem so hard now), filling the gaps created by TV commercials, reading emails, checking your favourite RPG Site for news or just simply browsing for the hell of it. It's compatible with Macromedia Flash, too.

Wii Message Board Cork pin-up boards and leaving notes stuck to the television screen is SO last century. Instead, why not leave messages and notes on Wii's Message board? Wii's Connect24 service also allows users to interact with mobile phones and the like THROUGH their Wii too. The service also lets incoming messages head straight to software - adding new characters, weapons, maps, and so on to any game. Much like XBox 360's game updates, this will undoubtedly extend the playabilty of many games.

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