Wasteland 3 Tarjan Perks and Buffs: all bonuses from Toaster Repair and Tarjan Tokens

Wasteland 3 is a fully-fledged classic-style CRPG, and that means there's loads of things to consider in your character build and play style, including things like a huge choice of weapons and a variety of party members including animal companions. Perks are of course a huge part of that, too, and Tarjan Tokens can lead to special Tarjan Perks.

For the uninitiated, Tarjan Tokens are a rare collectible item that can be found throughout the Wasteland. They're incredibly useful, as Tarjan Tokens can be exchanged for bonuses including powerful temporary buffs to your character and even more useful permanent perks with bonus effects that'll stay with your character forever.

The Tokens are also worth 10 dollars in shops, but don't sell them - tthe buffs are way more valuable.

On this page we detail how to get your hands on Tarjan Tokens, then how to spend them, what you can unlock with them, and which perks are the most useful.

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Where and how to get Tarjan Tokens in Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3's Tarjan Tokens are linked to the Toasters that are scattered throughout Colorado in Wasteland 3. Often times these Toasters are broken and will therefore require you to to have the Toaster Repair perk. 

Repairing each Toaster will net you a Tarjan Token in return - and there's a range of broken Toasters in the game in areas as varied as Ranger HQ, Union Station, the Ghost Town, the Patriarch's Bunker and more.

Tarjan Token Locations:

Every Toaster in the game is unique to a certain degree, and that means that each will require a different number of points pumped into the Toaster Repair perk. If you need some bonus skill points to put into Toaster Repair, remember you can get some bonus Intelligence stat skill points. Here's the toasters we've found so far, and their locations:

  • Ranger HQ (Toaster Repair Level 3)
  • Wesson Family Estate (Toaster Repair Level 4)
  • San Lux Apartments, Colorado Sprirngs (Toaster Repair Level 4)
  • Tunnels of the Wonderous (Toaster Repair Level 5)
  • The Patriarch's Bunker (Toaster Repair Level 6)
  • Union Station Bunker (Toaster Repair Level 6)
  • Ghost Town (Toaster Repair Level 6)
  • Machine Commune, Denver (Toaster Repair Level 6)
  • Little Hell, Aspen (Toaster Repair Level 7)

How to spend Tarjan Tokens in Wasteland 3 to get Tarjan Perks & Buffs

In order to get the buffs and bonuses from your hard-earned Tarjan Tokens, you'll need to head to a specific area. That's the Cabinet of Curiosities - which is the little museum run by Quarex in the Bizarre. There's lots of interesting items in here - some which might look familiar. But in the corner of the room there's a Tarjan machine.

This machine gives you a bunch of options, and acts like it's a fortune telling machine. One option is to 'Insert Tarjan Coin'. Do this and the machine will do its thing, ultimately bestowing perks. What perk you get is random: but the first time a character uses the machine, you'll be bestowed with a permanent perk. After that, it's temporary buffs that last three hours. 

So, yes - trading in Tarjan Tokens can give you one of three different Tarjan Perks. These perks are unique to the Tarjan Token trading, but there's a catch: you can only get one of three different perks this way. The possible perks are as follows: 

The three possible Tarjan Perks are as follows:

  • Eye of Tarjan: +1 Cold Resistance and +2 Penetration
  • Precognition: +10  Evasion
  • Fortune Cookie: +15 Constitution

Tarjan Buffs: temporary bonuses

As well as the permanent Tarjan Perks, once you've been rewarded one of those you can keep trading in Tarjan Tokens in order to get your hands on additional bonuses. These are all temporary, and again, which you get is random.

Each Tarjan Buff lasts for three hours; so you'll want to plan out and possibly take actions that your perk will help with immediately after unlocking the perk. The perks are as follows:

  • Cunning of Tarjan: 25% more EXP
  • Lightning Strikes Twice: Your next 5 attacks deal 100% critical damage
  • Magic Fingers: Barter Skill raised