Asssassin's Creed Valhalla Flyting Answers & Solutions

Flyting is one of the more unconventional forms of combat in Assassin's Creed Valhalla - where rather than cleaving enemies asunder with steel, you're tasked with defeating enemies with your words alone. It's rather different - but to be victorious, you'll need the Flyting Answers.

Flyting has an active effect on a key RPG component of AC Valhalla, too - one of protagonist Eivor's core stats. This is a classic role-playing stat, Charisma, and Flyting successfully allows you to raise your Charisma level. The Charisma stat is hidden away, but it is there - and it does effect your dialogue options and how easily you'll be able to persuade people in conversation. This page will help you through the flytings, featuring all flying answers for every flyt battle in the game - so you can go into them, complete them all, and get your Charisma up to Rank 6. 

Asssassin's Creed Valhalla Flyting Guide: Locations, Tips, and Answers

Each Flyt battle will see you verbally face off with a rival.

Flyts are basically Viking rap battles, and are something that the vikings really used to take part in for real. It's a neat bit of real-life Viking history that has been replicated in a cute way within the world of AC Valhalla - and by taking part in and winning these battels, you'll be able to net yourself some cash and other rewards.

AC Valhalla Flyting Tips

You'll want to look out for this icon on your map - it shows the location of a Flyt battle.

In order to engage in a Flyt, you'll first need to actually find one. You'll find Flyts marked by glowing light-blue icons that feature a mask with a smiling face, scattered across the sprawling map of AC Valhalla. Most often, they're found near cities.

At the location that the Flyting icon points to they'll be a person - and that'll be who you engage in a Flyt Battle with. Talk to them to get started, setting a price for a wager. Given we're handing you the answers, you might as well bet the maximum amount in order to get the best possible return.

After they fire a verbal volley at you, you then must respond - and quickly, as there's a time limit on your response. Your answer doesn't always have to rhyme - more important is that it's a fitting retort. A burn, if you will. If you fail, you can try again until you get it right, but you'll lose whatever you wagered. The increase to Charisma is the same no matter what you bet.

AC Valhalla Flyting Answers

Below, you'll find a full list of Flyting Answers for AC Valhalla. We've listed all the characters you Flyt against in alphabetical order - so just scroll to or click on the character you're currently battling:

A wide variety of characters will challenge you to very different Flyting contests - but they all play out the same way.

Acolyte Alwin (Cent) Flyting Answers

  1. Come you closer, friend Eivor, and lend me your ear. The most cutting of flyts from my mouth you'll not hear. But by proxy, I'll call you a milksop and boor. 
    • "Though you speak through another, your flyting is poor."
  2. Your body is withered, your garments absurd. I'll topple you over with nary a word. I'm devoted to flyts, though to silence avowed.
    • "Though you choose to be quiet, your folly is loud."
  3. Your visage is ghastly, I'm cowed by your stink. I should like to write more, but you're not worth the ink. So a last parting phrase: you're as dim as they come.
    • "With such drivel to speak, I see why you keep mum."

Alvis (Rygjafylke) Flyting Answers

  1. So be careful when choosing the words that you say...
    • "I'll recall what you taught, ere I enter the fray."
  2. If I tell you you're foolish, and stupid, and dull...
    • "Then I'll tell you you've nothing inside of your skull."
  3. I look eagerly forward to seeing how you fare...
    • "I will flyt you with flourish and best you with flair!"

Augusta, the Cheerful (Lunden) Flyting Answers

  1. I stand here in awe at the charm of your face.
    • "You're the picture of elegance, beauty, and grace."
  2. ​​I was rapt with excitement when you came along.
    • "O, your valor's the subject of story and song."
  3. You've such a great talent for flyting and rhyme.
    • "It is truly a pleasure, my partner's sublime."

Borghild, the Aleswife's Bane (*Eurvicscire) Flyting Answers

  1. Your face is a wreck, you're a blight on the Norse.
    • "Your face brings to mind the arse-end of a horse!"
  2. Youy're a pig-headed, ugly, excuse for a Dane.
    • "Now to look upon you leaves both my eyes in great pain."
  3. I'm a champion, a winner, I'll claim the top prize!
    • "You've drunk far too much ale, now, you're just telling lies."

Chadwick, Monger of Gossip (Northwic, East Anglia) Flyting Answers

  1. To all those whom I speak, they say Eivor's a clod.
    • "Then you're speaking to fools, and their knowledge is flawed."
  2. They say you're a coward, who runs from a fight.
    • "And they're surely mistaken, I'm known for my might."
  3. Silent whispers all claim that you're terribly dense.
    • "Then you've clearly misheard them, my wit is immense."

Fenn, the Wistful (Hamtunscire, Wessex) Flyting Answers

  1. You are savage, uncouth, and care little for life. Like the rest of your kind, you breed mis'ry and strife. Both your hands bear the blood of one thousand dead men...
    1. "One thousand's a pittance, it's closer to ten."
  2. It's a shame you're so calloused by warfare and pain. That you'll joke about death and treat life with disdain. Is it worth it, the killing, the torture, the slaves?
    1. "It is not mine to judge, only to fill up the graves."
  3. Yes, your avarice means that you'll just never see. That this war will not grant immortality. You have one life to live, so why throw it away?
    1. "You're naive if you think that there is any other way."

Fergal the Faceless (Grantebridge) Flyting Answers

  1. Any Answers win this Flyting Challenge - it's basically a joke.

Hertha, the Very High (Jorvik) Flyting Answers

  1. I call down from on high, the full strength of the gods. To defeat all the stammerers, weaklings and frauds! And those men who approach, I make fools of them all...
    • "The one fool that I see here is up on that wall."
  2. I am here in the clouds, while you crawl on the ground! Like a sad little worm, making a pitiful sound! And my height goes to show how above you I stand...
    • "Then enjoy while you can, a great fall is at hand."
  3. I have every advantage, I see for an age! My words are my weapons, these ramparts my stage! What's it like being tiny, an ant in the loam?
    • "What's it like feigning hugeness? You're naught but a gnome."

Hogg, the Burly (Oxenfordscire) Flyting Answers

  1. Would you battle a dragon? Then challenge me not!
    • "O, you're barely an insect, a fly that I'll swat.
  2. I'm possessed of a strength that would scare off a bear!
    • "Youv'e possessed of a baldness that's scared off your hair."
  3. I've the heart of a lion, the loins of a horse.
    • "You've the brain of a donkey, to challenge a Norse."

Jungulf (Repton, Ledecestre) Flyting Answers

  1. I've sparred against champions and bested each one
    • "O, to beat such a braggart will surely be fun."
  2. You're a misfit, a halfwit, a foolish old grouse!
    • "You're a weakling, a milksop, a cadger, a louse."
  3. I'm the greatest of the flyers, a master of verse!
    • "Your pride is appalling, and your rhyming is worse."

Lady Elette (Colcestre) Flyting Answers

  1. I have heard much about you and none of it good, you've the softness and brains of a sheep. My verses are known all across this great land...
    • "For they put all who hear them to sleep."
  2. O you think you're so clever, I'm almost impressed, that you managed to blurt something out. Yet I worry out skills are too deeply mismatched...
    • "I'll defeat you and banish all doubt."
  3. I should almost take pity on one so bereft, of beauty, of wit, and of skill. But instead I'll persist til you beg me to stop...
    • "Lend a salve, for your words make me ill."

Manning, Fighter of Wolves (Rygjafylke) Flyting Answers

  1. Have you ever seen muscles as massive as mine?
    • "What you make up in muscles, you're lacking in spine."
  2. More than strength, I can boast that my features are fair.
    • "They seem perfectly placed to give children a scare."
  3. Have you ever met someone so witty and quick?
    • "No, you're quite like your arms: just incredibly thick."

Ove, the Scarred (Quatford) Flyting Answers

  1. I am feared by all men, be they Northern or Saxon. 
    • "And your thick little skull's fit for grinding my axe on."
  2. O, you think you can scare me? I am tougher than you.
    • "Test your might against mine and we'll see how you do."
  3. Let's dispense with these poems, and have a real row.
    • "If it's fighting you want, I shall take you on now."

Stigr, The Amorous (Snotinghamscire) Flyting Answers

  1. What know you of the power of flyts to seduce? Are you even aware that they have such a use? See your weapon lies not in your belt, but your head.
    • "Yes, with words I'll ensare you and put you to bed."
  2. I could feel when you entered, the room became warm. Though I doubted your flyting, I quite liked your form. On your every word, I can say that I'm hung.
    • "I'm as good with my lips as I am with my tongue."
  3. I could flyt more sweet nothings inside of your ear. Though I warn you they're some of the lewdest you'll hear. But instead of just telling, I'll happily show.
    • While I doubt you can take me, I'll give you a go."

Thor (Hamtunscire) Flyting Answers

  1. Come and flyt me, All-father, it's time to perform. I'm the ruler of thunder, you're caught in the storm. Cross the water to meet me, I'll show you my might.
    • "O beware what you ask for, I'll finish the fight."
  2. I've slain giants and monsters, I'm endlessly brave. I'm adored by the masses from warrior to slave. You are the worst of the Aesir, a coddled old clod.
    • "I'm as wise as an owl, you're a fool of a god."
  3. Shame serves as your shadow wherever you roam. Your failure's the point, and I'll hammer it home: You're a simpering graybeard who'll soon meet his end.
    • "Well, your victory's not what my visions portend."

Ratatosk (Jotunheim, after finishing Asgard Story) Flyting Answers

  1. I'm a messenger born, and I have got, a word here from up on-high: "You'll be slain and undone, by my cutting wit..."
    1. "I should like to see you try."
  2. Drill-Tooth I am named for the way I bite, at the bark of this world tree. But they ought call me Knife-Tongue for words so sharp...
    1. "They're too dull to conquer me."
  3. I deal mostly in gossip, but here say truth, Harken to the words I speak: You're a fat-headed fool, and a puny god!
    1. "I grow weary of your squeak."

Kassandra (DLC) Flyting Answers

  1. There stood Eivor, hot-headed and brash.
    1. "To see us now, you'd not believe our clash."
  2. It took an ambush or two and one dusty old temple...  For Eivor to seee that I could be helpful. But somehow I've melted his cold norse heart...
    1. "It'll sadden me to see my new friend part."
  3. Eivor did the heavy lifting, left the tracking job to I. In the end , we triumphed, chasing the nightmares far from Skye. And to the Bride and Groom on this historic day...
    1. "If your love survives this, nothing stands in your way."