Cyberpunk 2077 Money - how to grind and earn lots of cash quickly

Cyberpunk 2077's Night City is full of people trying to hawk their goods, ranging from street-side vendors to fancy clothing boutiques. Since many of V's stats and capability (not to mention visual flair) depend on have good armor, and having a better gun is always a boon in a firefight, you'll want to periodically check out what these vendors have in store. Which means you'll need money. And lots of it.

Money, colloquially referred to as 'eddies' in-game, is also used to buy many vehicles available from Night City's fixers, many of which cost over 100,000 eurodollars a pop. You'll need more money if you ever want to repec too. Which means you might need a lot of money, even if you decide to just go with the gear you pick up for free. Especially if you're going for a complete vehicle collection. You'll need cash on hands for questing as well, for both bribes and wagers. Needless to say, it helps to have a fat wallet. 

Cyberpunk 2077 - how to earn money quickly

There's no one magic way to become obscenely rich quickly -- not that we've discovered yet -- but here are some tips to make sure you never find yourself coming up short when it comes to paying up for a new ride.


Hack Access Points

One frequent gameplay mechanic of Cyberpunk 2077 is that of access points. These are electronic devices such as computers, vending machines, etc that you'll be able to jack into to earn some cash on the regular. Simply play the hacking minigame, trying to line up as many sequences as possible to earn some dough. However, make sure you spend some perk points into both Advanced Datamine and Extended Network Interface as soon as you can -- you'll need 7 Intelligence to get both, and both are found under Breach Protocol. This way you'll be able to easily spot all access points in an area, and earn double dollars while doing it. You should also consider selling the Quickhack components you earn this way, because you'll end up with way more than you'll likely need.

Need more Perk tips starting out? We make some suggestions for early perks that work with any build.


Sell Everything (But Especially Guns)

Every enemy in Night City will drop the weapon its currently using, ranging from pathetic pistols to legendary rifles. After a while, you may be tempted to ignore these pickups, especially if you're not interested in swapping out your equipped gear. 

However, if you can stay diligent and pick up as many weapons as you can, at least those of higher rarities, you'll find that these can easily add up in terms of dollar value. Armor can potentially sell for decent cash too, but in our experience, weapons sell for more on average, and you'll find more of them. You don't even need to go to a vendor to drop off your loot -- any drop point will do. You will have to be mindful of how much cash that particular vendor or drop point has on hand, however.


Craft To Sell

In a similar manner as above, you can always craft weapons as well to earn some extra money as long as you have the components (and don't mind spending them). You'll find components naturally during Jobs and other Gigs, and you'll pick up extra if you use the Scrapper perk to automatically dismantle junk items.

Note that Cost Optimization can be useful to make more gear out of fewer components, but it requires a hefty 14 Intelligence to unlock. You'll also need True Craftsman to unlock the ability to craft rare tiered gear -- but there is enough uncommon gear that sells for close to $1000 that it might not be worth the rare component loss in the first place. Still, an option for those a bit farther into the game.

Another option once you've got these traits along with Mechanic is that you can craft Epic-quality grenades for 1 common and 1 uncommon component. and upon disassembly earn 3x rare item and 3x rare upgrade components, along with 1x epic item and 3x epic upgrade components, which you can then sell for a profit. Unfortunately, you can't craft in bulk, but this is still something to keep in your back pocket.

The Crazy Science perk is an end-game perk that does increase the sale value of crafted items....but you'll need to max out the crafting spec to even unlock it. A cool thing to keep in mind, but likely not going to help much for the lion's share of the game.


Complete Gigs with Optional Objectives

An obvious but proven one. If you see something that needs doing on the map, go do it! Lots of Gigs, Side Jobs, and NCPD Scanner events end up paying pretty well. Especially if you complete any stealth or non-lethal objectives along the way. Not to mention that you'll passively be earning gear and finding access points while doing it. A no-brainer, really.