Cyberpunk 2077 Endings guide: How to unlock All Endings (2.0 & Phantom Liberty)

Multiple Endings are a staple of choice-driven RPGs, and so it's perhaps unsurprising that Cyberpunk 2077 has a modest range of endings to the story of V and Johnny Silverhand. Unlocking them all isn't strictly straightforward, so this guide helps to break it down. We cover every ending in detail, including how to unlock each ending and what happens in each - updated for Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 and Phantom Liberty.

Naturally, this page has ending spoilers for Cyberpunk 2077. First, we'll explain the endings in as spoiler-free a way as possible - then later down the page we'll get into each in full spoiler mode.

How many endings are there in Cyberpunk 2077?

V and Johnny's story can end in a number of different ways - but the choice of what happens is up to you.
V and Johnny's story can end in a number of different ways - but the choice of what happens is up to you.

There are two elements to the ending of Cyberpunk 2077. First of all, there's the finale - the final missions that you'll play. Then there's the epilogue - the wrap-up of the overall narrative. 

Different choices lead to different branches on both these fronts - and not all are mutually exclusive, meaning the same epilogue can often be accessed through multiple different finales. For the most part, your choice at the point of no return will lead to a specific finale, but then your choices during that final mission will determine which epilogue you see. 


Broadly speaking, there are five endings to Cyberpunk 2077, at least in the base game. One of these endings is 'secret' and more difficult to trigger. Plus, The Phantom Liberty expansion adds another ending, making for six

Keep in mind that beyond the broad strokes of the different epilogues, Cyberpunk 2077 also has lots of small elements of endings that change based on the rest of your game. At the point of no return, you'll have an opportunity to call your love interest romance option, if you've committed to one. During the credits, friends V has made in their journey will phone them, and the content, tone, and callers will vary wildly depending on which ending you choose and what quests you have completed. In this sense, there are many ending permutations beyond the main six.. 

The Point of No Return, Post-Completion & New Game Plus

Cyberpunk 2077 makes its Point of no Return clear, but for the avoidance of doubt, it's when you meet Hanako at Embers.
Cyberpunk 2077 makes its Point of no Return clear, but for the avoidance of doubt, it's when you meet Hanako at Embers.

For the record, you'll know that you're on the path to the point of no return once all three of the main gig story quest lines from the Cyberpunk 2077 Mission List wind up into one succinct quest-line. The final quest you're looking for is called Nocturne OP55N1, with the objective of "Meet Hanako at Embers". Once you trigger the beginning of this mission, you will be on a rollercoaster to the very end of the game, and faced with choices that shape your ending.

When you approach the Embers building, Cyberpunk 2077 flashes up a big warning telling you that it's the point of no return. It also creates an autosave at this point.

Once you complete the final missions, the game doesn't offer you a New Game Plus mode. Instead, it will drop you back at the Point of No Return save file outside Embers, free to complete any other side missions and explore again. You will get to keep anything you picked up during the ending you completed, and there will also be ending-specific bonus unlocks for you.

While CD Projekt RED did comment prior to launch saying it planned a New Game Plus for Cyberpunk 2077, as of the release of version 2.0 and Phantom Liberty, there is still no formal New Game Plus. All you can do is create a new file. However, you can respec your character and refund your perk points if you want to have something of a fresh start.

Cyberpunk 2077 Endings guide: all endings, rewards & how to get every finale


As mentioned above, Cyberpunk 2077 has five different potential ending paths - though only one will be available if you've completed the bare minimum side quests. Thankfully, they break down into easily digestible categories:

Ending 1: Trust Hanako Arasaka

This ending path is always open to you by default. Meet Hanako at Embers and hatch a plan. Go along with her plan. This leads to two quests - "Last Caress" and "Totalimmortal". V will experience a unique epilogue, "Where is My Mind?", on this path.

This finale has a unique split at the end of it. After a series of mundane tasks, Hellman (or Takemura, if he is alive) will eventually give you a binary A/B choice between two different fates for V, which each gives a unique final scene for the game that you can't get with any other option. 

Note: In order for Takemura to be available, you need to go back to save him during Search and Destroy. Note that Takemura must be alive to get credit for The Devil achievement from this ending.

Regardless of which option you choose at the very end, the Hanako path leads to The Devil trophy or achievement (if you saved Takemura). You'll also unlock the Arasaka spacesuit as a reward - this isn't a single item of gear, but rather one of the 'special' outfits you can equip to the special slot.

You can also grab the unique Iconic Weapon Genjiroh during this ending.

Ending 2: Johnny & Rogue's assault

This ending sees Johnny and Rogue almost perform their attack from years ago a second time. To unlock it, you must have completed several side quests related to Johnny and Rogue.

In order, make sure you've completed Tapeworm, Chippin' In, and finally, Blistering Love. These unlock in order. Tapeworm can't be completed until the point of no return is unlocked - so this ending requires you to detour away from the ending to help Johnny with the subsequent quests.

This ending has you play as Johnny and involves two quests; "For Whom the Bell Tolls" and "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" (Asking Rogue for help). Calling Rogue for help requires the completion of Blistering Love

After those missions are complete, you'll be faced with a choice.

  • Crossing the bridge leads to the "Path of Glory" epilogue, where you'll earn The Sun trophy/achievement. Rogue will not be present during the ending.
  • Entering the well leads to the "New Dawn Fades" epilogue while earning the Temperance achievement/trophy.

Ending 3: Call Panam & the Aldecaldos

In order to unlock this ending, you must have completed the entire series of side jobs related to Panam Palmer and the Aldecaldos. The main story introduces you to Panam, but she'll later call you asking for further help.

In order, as one unlocks the next, the side quests you must complete are Riders on the Storm. With a Little Help from my Friends, and Queen of the Highway. 

When you reach the point of no return, you can now choose to call Panam and Aldecaldos for help. This ending actually has three unique quests - "We Gotta Live Together", "Forward to Death", and "Belly of the Beast". 

This will play out similarly to the above, only with Saul and Panam accompanying V. This leads to a unique ending. At the end, you will have a choice very similar to the two after Rogue's assault but flipped. 

  • If you cross the bridge, you'll still get the same "New Dawn Fades" epilogue from above, resulting in The Temperance trophy.
  • If you enter the Well this time, however, you'll experience the "All Along the Watchtower" epilogue, exclusive to this path. The specifics of this epilogue will also depend on whether or not you had a love interest, and you'll earn The Star achievement/trophy. This is easily the most positive ending of the base game. 

You can also earn the unique Iconic Amnesty and a unique Aldecaldos Rally Bolero jacket during this ending.

Ending 4: Johnny's Secret Ending - Don't Fear The Reaper


This involves Johnny suggesting a head-on assault into Arasaka's front door with V going it alone, a way of avoiding putting any more of Johnny or V's friends in danger. In other words, you do not take the easy way out, nor do you ask Rogue, Panam, or anyone else for help.

To trigger this secret ending, you must be nice to Johnny throughout the game - but not too nice, as Johnny likes things raw. You must also complete all of the various side quests related to Johnny's life, including the same Chippin' In and Blistering Love from Rogue's ending, but continuing onto Holdin' On and A Like Supreme, culminating in a Samurai reunion concert. 

A key scene for this ending is the scene at Johnny's final resting place at the end of Chippin' In. You should select all optional dialogue options and get deep with Johnny, and also say the following:

  • "Let's do something about that."
  • Choose to Inscribe Johnny's Initials.
  • "The guy who saved my life."
  • "Nah, fucked that up too."
  • "What do you want from me?"
  • "OK. As far as second chances go, this is your last."

We believe those are the only dialogue options that matter, but for the record, we also selected the following:

  • "You were a real dick in the beginning."
  • "When you said you let down your friends..."
  • "Smasher biz really got to her."
  • "Yeah. I'll call Rogue."

Finally, at the rooftop after the point of no return, you must... simply refuse to make a choice. If you wait on the prompt that lets you choose between the three above endings (plus the last one, below) for too long, and if your relationship is in the right place. Johnny will suggest a new plan - leading to this secret route. We had to wait a very long time, up to five minutes, to get this to trigger.

This leads to the quest "(Don't Fear) The Reaper". This ending is designed to be ridiculously challenging; one of, if not the hardest mission in Cyberpunk 2077. You can't save, and if you die -- the credits roll while skipping all possible epilogues. You'll face an onslaught of hugely difficult enemies. This particular route doesn't lead to any unique epilogues on its own, however.

  • Dying during the mission will result in an ending similar to committing suicide (see On Your Own Terms, detailed below)
  • Choosing to live will lead to the "Path of Glory" epilogue, same as in Rogue's finale, but she will be alive at the end of the game. 
  • Choosing to cross over instead leads to"New Dawn Fades", the same Temperance ending you can also access from Panam's and Rogue's finales. 

Ending 5: On Your Own Terms - Path of Least Resistance

Last and quite literally least is this final ending - which sees you skip the finale missions entirely, hopping straight to credits. On the rooftop where you make your final decisions, all you have to do is second guess the available options... the gun is there for a reason.

When given the chance, say "Could also put all this to rest," and then choose to throw away the pills. V and Johnny go out on the rooftop, together.

This skips straight to the end of the game, and there is naturally no real epilogue, but you do get a unique cutscene and a bunch of unique phone calls as the credits roll from this ending.

DLC Ending: Start a New Life - Phantom Liberty Ending (The Tower)

New upon the release of Phantom Liberty, there is a new ending available if players complete the expansion content. Players can obtain this ending regardless of whether they support Reed or Songbird.

However, if you choose to help Songbird during Firestarter, you must holster your weapon when Reed takes her away during The Killing Moon. Similarly, if you surrender Songbird to Reed during Firestarter, you must spare Songbird during Somewhat Damaged and ask Myers about a cure during Leave in Silence.

Long story short, both Reed and Songbird need to be alive upon the completion of the DLC quests:

Phantom Liberty New Ending Unlock Route:

  • King of Swords - Support Songbird during Firestarter, do not kill Reed when he takes Songbird away, instead, you should holster your weapon.
  • King of Pentacles - Support Reed during Firestarter and betray Songbird. However, make sure to spare her at the end of Somewhat Damaged.

Phantom Liberty choices that lead to no ending changes:

  • King of Wands - Support Songbird during Firestarter, Kill Reed when given the chance.
  • King of Cups - Support Reed during Firestarter and betray Songbird. When given the chance at the end of Somewhat Damaged, choose to honor Songbird's request and put her out of her misery,

Provided you completed either the King of Sword or King of Pentacles ending for the DLC, you'll eventually receive the journal entry "Who Wants to Live Forever", and be able to call Reed from the roof as in the other endings. This will lead to the ending quest Things Done Changed. However, you can choose to do this ending option well before any of the others -- you simply just need to finish Phantom Liberty, which can happen as early as after the quest Transmission.


Cyberpunk 2077 Epilogues Explained:

Just in case you want to know how the post-ending Epilogues of Cyberpunk 2077 play out, here's a quick primer - spoilers, obviously:

  • "Where is my Mind?" (The Devil): V ends up in space, on an Arasaka medical space station. You go through monotonous tests repeatedly and will have the opportunity to have phone conversations with your love interest. Eventually, V is told their body is dying. Note that getting frustrated at the tests or not doesn't really alter the ending. You do have one last choice here that forks this ending into two potential final cutscenes:
    • Join the "Secure Your Soul" program and have your consciousness zapped by Arasaka, as Johnny and Alt's were.
    • Or return to Earth as a free woman with only six months to live.
  • "All Along the Watchtower" (The Star): V leaves Night City with Panam and the Nomads if you choose to live after Belly of the Beast. If your love interest is Judy and you called her, they will be leaving with you, along with Panam. V's future is uncertain, and they may not have long, but they leave Night City happy and determined to live.
  • "New Dawn Fades" (Temperance): You can select this option by having V cross the bridge with Alt after either Panam's, Rogue's, or the secret Johnny finale mission. Johnny Silverhand takes over V's body; V remains in Cyberspace forevermore. Johnny helps a new friend and lays a memorial to those lost (including V), before leaving Night City for good.
  • "Path of Glory" (The Sun): V becomes a new legend of the Afterlife and a Night City Legend. V's time remaining in their body is uncertain. The ending will be altered slightly if you romance anyone or depending which finale you enter this epilogue from (whether or not Rogue is alive). You'll get this epilogue if you choose to have V live after either Rogue's or Johnny's solo finale mission. V undertakes an insane mission to further their legacy.
  • "Things Done Changed" (The Tower): V can select this ending after the completion of Phantom Liberty, depending on the choices made in the last few quests of the DLC. This ending ends up with V truly cured from the Relic, but no longer able to use any cyberware, giving up their life as a mercenary for good. Due to the long operation, V will eventually learn that all former contacts, including love interests, will have moved on with their lives. Johnny Silverhand will also be no more.