Cyberpunk 2077: Charge Jump or Double Jump? Fortified Ankles & Reinforced Tendons Cyberware upgrades compared

In Cyberpunk 2077, there's a whole lot of gear to worry about. One of the more interesting considerations you'll face is choosing a leg-related Cyberware augmentation - which will have you choosing between Fortified Ankles or Reinforced Tendons - which offer a Charge Jump or Double Jump respectively.

While in some other areas such as with weapons you'll be picking between a wide range of unique and iconic weapons, things are more simple with the leg cyberware slot: there is a single slot and only two variations that can go into it in the game, each unlocking an improved jump. What varies, however, is the exact utility of the improved jump that you're granted.

So: which should you choose, the Double Jump or the Charged Super Jump? Well, the answer isn't clear-cut, but on this page we'll give you the best answer we can.


Charge Jump or Double Jump in Cyberpunk 2077? Which Leg Cyberware is the best

We've sat down and tested both flavors of enhanced jump available in Cyberpunk 2077 - and what we've learned is that the Charge Jump and Double Jump are fairly similar, but also have surprisingly different utility.

Fortified Ankles / Charge Jump

Picking up Fortified Ankles will unlock the charge jump. This is a simple, very tall jump - but you have to charge it before jumping with a brief hold of the jump button. The charge is quite modest, but it does impact how you might use the jump. You can charge the double jump while on the move, too.

The charged jump is a bit like a super jump, if you think about it in Metroid terms. That comparison and terminology actually makes a lot of sense, as it takes you higher than the double jump, but at the cost of general maneuverability. You'll also take reduced fall damage with this add-on.

As such, this jump is more useful for traversal, such as getting to high points and taller areas of Night City you otherwise wouldn't be able to reach. However, that also means it's much less useful in enclosed spaces, which is where you'll do a lot of your fighting.

Reinforced Tendons / Double Jump

Opt for the Reinforced Tendons and the Double Jump to get a classic video game staple, the good old fashioned double jump. The double jump is useful because it gives you more mid-air control of your jumps, and also allows you to jump longer distances.

The double jump doesn't boost the actual height of your jump nearly as much as the charged jump, but it will extend the length of your jumps, making it easier to cross a large gap between two points.

These properties make the Double Jump a lot more useful in fast-paced and frenetic combat encounters, as well as in more enclosed spaces with lower ceilings but a wider space to traverse. 

Charge Jump vs Double Jump: which is better?

If you want an outright answer as to which is better... is it a cop-out to say that it depends what you want from your version of V? Well, maybe, but it is true. Just like picking the best perks to match your character build, you'll want to pick a leg cyberware to match the way you play.

  • If you want the highest, most impressive jump in order to reach unseen parts of Night City, you'll want to go for the charged jump, which means picking up the fortified ankles.
  • If you'd prefer to have generally enhanced traversal, we recommend the Double Jump - just traveling the streets of Night City feels different and way more open with a double jump, and if you end up in a tight spot, you can far more easily escape.

How to unlock the Charged Jump & Double Jump

If you want to get your hands on the cyberware that unlocks the Charged Jump or Double Jump, you'll simply need to pay a visit to a Ripeprdoc. These guys are all over Night City, and of course can be easily enough found on the mini-map. Exact stock varies from one Ripperdoc to the next, but we can tell you that Victor, one of the few Ripperdocs you'll meet throughout the course of Cyberpunk 2077's main story, can install both leg options.

Both the fortified ankles and reinforced tendons will cost you 45,000 Eurodollars - so these are not cheap add-ons. However, they're so good that we recommend picking up one of the two as early as you possibly can. For help getting the cash together, check our guide on how to earn lots of money quickly.

As far as we can tell, we haven't found anywhere where you can loot these items out in the world. There's only one rarity of both add-ons - Rare, and they all have the same effect when equipped. There's no tiers here.