Nier Replicant Machine Oil, Broken Motor, and Broken Battery - where to farm for quests & upgrades

A lot has broadly changed in NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139, the new version of the 2010 classic Nier, but what hasn’t changed is that if you want to see the majority of what the game has to offer, you’ll need to find Machine Oil, a rare resource used for side quests and some weapon upgrades.

The reason you’ll need Machine Oil is because it’s used in a specific side quest, and that side quest must be tackled to get your hands on one of Nier Replicant’s 33 weapons. Getting all weapons is required to see endings C and D of the game - that’s two endings, one of which was the original canon ending that leads to Nier Automata, the sequel to Replicant and Gestalt. You'll also need to see Ending D before you can reach the all-new Ending E, which was added in the remaster.

On this page, we’ll give you a bit of advice for grinding out and farming machine oil drops - to help minimize the amount of time you’ll be suffering trying to obtain it. For help with grinding out other mats, check out of Nier Replicant upgrade materials guide.


Where to get & farm Machine Oil in Nier Replicant

At the bare minimum, you’ll need to get three Machine Oil for the side quest ‘The Damaged Map’, which is a lengthy side quest with an ultimate reward of Labyrinth’s Shout, a powerful weapon that as previously mentioned is required to see some of the later endings in Nier Replicant. Since it’s a rarer drop, however, the chance of you getting it naturally through simply playing the story is pretty low.

Have no fear, however! There’s a place you can easily farm enemies that drop Machine Oil. Here’s what you need to know.

First of all, Flying Robot Enemies in The Junk Heap dungeon have a chance to drop Machine Oil. It’s one of their rarer drops, however - so you’ll probably need to kill a lot of them. Expect to pick up a lot of other loot in the process. 

However, note that these enemies will only seem to start spawning in Part 2. For those looking to upgrade weapons early in Part 1, consider progressing the story a bit and returning here afterwards.


These enemies are all over the Junk Heap dungeon, but there’s one useful spot you can farm them. On the Junk Heap 1F - the first floor where you enter the area from outside - there’s a long, L-shaped hallway slap bang in the middle of the map of the floor, as pictured above. This is your ideal Machine Oil farming area.

This area spawns 12-15 flying robots that each have a chance to drop Machine Oil every time you enter it. You only have to pass two other regular robot enemies en route to this location. It’s close enough to the door that you can reload it quickly - as respawns only take place if you exit and re-enter the area.

While other rooms spawn a lot of flying robots, this location is ideal for quick farming specific to Machine Oil because it is perfectly placed for exiting and re-entering the area to force the robots to respawn. Doing this route, we were able to get the Machine Oil we needed in around 15-20 minutes.

Once you have access to the B2 level, there is another hallway right before the final area before the boss fight here where you can fight the flying robots. This place can easily be farmed by heading to Depths and back, so keep it in mind if you're ever in need of these parts for late-game resource farming.


Where to get & farm Broken Motors and Broken Battery in Nier Replicant

The Broken Motor and Broken Battery are more common materials than the elusive Machine Oil, but they are also used in a lot of Nier Replicant's side quests. These can drop from the same flying machines as above, along with Severed Cables. So if you ever find yourself needing more of any of those items, returning those this hallway is a good way to farm for any of them.

However, if you’re also farming for things like Damascus Steel, Amber, and Flourite, you might want to head deeper into the dungeon for those. They’re great weapon upgrade materials - so keep that in mind. But if you just want to prioritize Machine Oil, that’s the place to go.