Nier Replicant Titanium Alloy: where to get & best farming locations

You'll spend a fair amount of your time in Nier Replicant traveling back and forth and collecting resources. Most of this is optional, which is why we've bundled together most resources into one upgrade materials location guide - but Titanium Alloy is the rare drop that you have to find several of in order to progress the story.

You won't encounter the moment when you need to gather some Titanium Alloy until a decent way into Nier Replicant, when you'll return to The Junk Heap and meet Gideon of Two Brothers Weaponry again. Gideon requests some Titanium Alloy from you. On top of this, however, Titanium Alloy is also used to upgrade Beastbain, which is one of the 30 weapons you'll need to gather to see all of Nier Replicant's endings including the newly-added Ending E.

That means you'll need to know good Titanium Alloy farming locations not just for this story moment, but also for some other upgrades. To fully upgrade everything, we count that you'll need around 25 Titanium Alloy. So, here's how to get it:


How to get Titanium Alloy in Nier Replicant, and where to farm it

First thing's first: Titanium Alloy only drops in one area of all versions of the game - including the original Western Gestalt release and the NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 remaster - and that's in the Junk Heap. It is, however, a rare drop.

Rare drops appear as golden orbs that drop from enemies; common and uncommon drops are the normal green orbs that you normally see all the time. Beware, because the color of The Junk Heap dungeon's rooms sometimes means these yellowish orbs can blend into the background a bit. Also, keep in mind that enemy drops despawn after a little time - so if you see a yellow/golden orb, make your way over to it and touch it to pick it up even if you're still in combat with other enemies.

To get specific, Titanium Alloy drops from the ground-based robots on every floor of the Junk Heap, but is slightly more common as a drop from the larger robots found on the 2nd Basement (B2) floor, once you're given access to it.


In terms of farming, your best bet is actually to do full runs of the dungeon, making a bee-line in particular for the head-end square rooms at the end of pathways - usually in these you'll find slightly more difficult combat encounters that often culminate in enemies that drop rarer materials like Titanium Alloy. This is better on B2, but works fairly well on B1, too.

The main thing to remember is that it's a rare drop - don't expect to get a lot of it all at once, temper your expectations, and keep grinding. Getting what you need shouldn't take that long. Obviously as you get deeper in the game and to the point where you can two or three shot even the larger robots, grinding gets easier.

As well as Titanium Alloy, robots in the Junk Heap also drop some other really useful  materials like Amber, Damascus Steel, and Fluorite - all high-end weapon upgrade materials. Machine Oil is another useful rare drop in the Junk Heap - so to an extent you can try to bundle all of this farming together.