Scarlet Nexus - Which Character to Choose First: Yuito or Kasane

Scarlet Nexus features two main protagonists, Yuito and Kasane, each with their own storyline playthrough and battle style. As you load up the game for the first time, you'll be asked which story you would like to experience. 

While each character's storyline is a complete experience on its own, for a large portion of the game, the perspective between the two will be considerably different. Some elements to the storyline will be more further expanded upon in one route over the other. Additionally, the rest of the character cast is also generally split into two halves around each of the protagonists, so some character development and details are also more thoroughly explained in only one of the routes, depending on the character.

Additionally, the combat stylings between Yuito and Kasane are also quite different, and one may suit your gameplay preference over the other.


As far as the game's storyline goes, it's difficult to explain exactly *how* the storyline changes depending on the protagonist you pick without spoiling anything directly, but we won't reveal any of the major secrets in Scarlet Nexus.

For story reasons, we believe Kasane is the best character to start with, broadly because she has a more defined motivation early on, and certain major plot/lore explanations come a little bit sooner in her route. Yuito's route in comparison will still make sense in retrospect, but its pacing and structure in how the storyline unfolds might be a little bit harder to swallow in early chapters.

To get the absolute full picture for Scarlet Nexus, you'll want to complete both routes anyway, so it doesn't matter to a huge degree which character you do first if you are planning on doing both. However, if we had to pick one to recommend, it would be Kasane.

Luckily, Scarlet Nexus has a New Game Plus feature, so playing through the second route will be practically painless and much easier to complete, because you can carry quite a bit into your second playthrough.

Yuito and Kasane Combat Styles

It is worth noting that Kasane and Yuito's battle styles vary quite a bit as well, and you might find yourself preferring one character over the other simply due to how they play, which is of course a crucial component to an action RPG.

Yuito fights with a sword while Kasane fights with floating daggers. Yuito is much stronger than Kasane when it comes to physical attacks, so he'll be able to take out enemies more quickly when using his sword in combat. However, Kasane's psychokinesis powers are much more powerful than Yuito's, so she'll do significantly more damage when throwing objects at enemies using the trigger buttons. 

Kasane's build balance will take a little bit more getting used to than Yuito's, since she will need to build her psy gauge using relatively weak knife attacks in order to fully unleash her powerful psychokinesis. Yuito's balance is probably a little easier for those wanting a simpler style of play, because he can more reliably use his weapon to dish out damage, with psychokinesis abilities being more of an additional option than your main method of damage.

In any case, based on what you think you like, pick one of the characters and dive into the twisty storyline of Scarlet Nexus.