Scarlet Nexus Musubi Codes: list of anime codes for Mimi's request

Scarlet Nexus is not only a new video game IP from Bandai Namco, but also a new anime series, which began airing in June 2021. Also, not only is the anime an adaptation of the events in the video game, but each episode of the anime will contain a special code that can be then inputted into the game at Musubi's.

We're not quite sure what these Musubi codes will ultimately reward players with yet, but of course, we are going to list them down and find out. Right now, the first few episodes are uploaded to Funimation's YouTube channel, where they can be watched for free.

Partway through Scarlet Nexus, the video game, you'll gain access to Musubi's, a sort of high-tech cafe/lounge where characters meet to hang out, have a drink, and such. One of the NPCs here, Musubi themself, will ask for codes from the TV anime series to help fulfill the request of a friend named Mimi. Mimi is supposedly a reporter looking into top-secret information, and she needs codes to help decode ... whatever this information is.

So, load up your save, head to Musubi's, and talk to the first NPC you see front and center. From here, you'll be able to begin entering the codes from the anime - and each Musubi code you enter will net you a nice little reward. It's another little optional thing to pass some time and get some stuff, just like completing the Scarlet Nexus side quests.


Scarlet Nexus: Musubi codes from the anime for Mimi's request

Before being able to insert codes from the anime, you must first insert the word 'CODE' (which you know from Musubi's first message to you), which will reward you with 1000 kins to start. After this, you can start inputting the phrases from the anime episodes. We've listed that code at the top, followed by all the anime Musubi codes so far. 

This list will be updated as the anime airs, so check back for more codes.

  • Brain Message: CODE
    • Reward: 1000 Kin
  • Episode 1: Such a liar
    • Reward: Poster Vision [Yuito]
    •  This adds a page for Yuito in the library section of the main menu, which details his love for Scarlet Nexus mascot Baki.
  • Episode 2: tell the truth
    • Reward: Poster Vision [Hanabi]
  • Episode 3: 5150
    • Reward: Poster Vision [Gemma]
  • Episode 4: 2009
    • Reward: OSF Armband Vision (Septentrion)
  • Episode 5: NEVER FORGET
    • Reward: Poster Vision [Luka]
  • Episode 6: Which?
    • Reward: Poster Vision [Kasane]
  • Episode 7: Hero
    • Reward: Poster Vision [Tsugumi]
  • Episode 8: October 4th
    • Reward: Poster Vision [Arashi]
  • Episode 9: Lokusho
    • Reward: 1x Contraband Vision, 1x Bond Assist, 1x Crush Suppression
  • Episode 10: hospital
    • Reward: Poster Vision [Shiden]
  • Episode 11: government dogs
    • Reward: Poster Vision [Kyoka]
  • Episode 12: judge
    • Reward: Poster Vision [Kagero], 1x SAS recovery Mk 3, 1x Plug-in Parallelization Program H
  • Episode 13: Save me
    • Reward: Poster Vision [Group], 1x Improved Bond Assist, 1x Improved Combat Experience Assist, 1x Parallelization Program V

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