Scarlet Nexus Gifts: gift picks for every character

Scarlet Nexus feels like a mash-up of a bunch of different ideas and mechanics from several other role-playing game sources - and one system which has made its way into the game is a gift giving mechanic, which lets you ply companions with presents in order to further your relationship with them. 

Giving gifts is important in Scarlet Nexus, as they play a significant role within the bonding system that of course has a knock-on effect on combat. While there's other ways to boost your affinity and bond level with characters, gifting is a vital action for making the most of those character relationships.

Handily, giving gifts in Scarlet Nexus isn't like in some other games - there's no real element of luck or guesswork - the game outright tells you what your friends like and then you give it to them. The challenge actually comes in getting your hands on gifts - but this guide will help you with that, and more.


Scarlet Nexus gift guide: how to get and use gifts

To get your hands on gifts in Scarlet Nexus, you've got three key options. Regardless of which way you get gifts, it's important to remember that gifts are made available over time - though all gifts will be available to buy by the time you reach Standby Phase 11, so no gifts are missable.

  1. First, you can sometimes earn gifts as rewards for several of the quests in the game. For help with which, and how to complete them, hit up our Scarlet Nexus side quests guide.
  2. Second, some gifts can be found as pickup items in some levels of the game - but this is few and dar between and not a remotely economical way of getting the gifts you'll need.
  3. Third, and most importantly, you can buy all gifts from the 'Present' section of the shop, which opens up after Standby Phase 2. This is an exchange deal - so you'll need to hand over valuable resources in order to get your hands on gifts. You can earn the necessary supplies to trade for the gifts by heading out and collecting environmental data and killing enemies. No exchange materials are missable either.

While the free side quest gifts are useful, you'll ultimately be forced to buy gifts in the exchange shop, as you'll need a whole lot of gifts, and only so many can be obtained for free. That means you'll need to be prepared to do a lot of exchanging resources for gifts. 

When the time comes to give gifts, you'll be able to do so at your hideout during any of the Standby Phases once buying gifts is unlocked. Simply have your chosen gift in hand - make sure it's the right one (more on that later) - and then head to that character in the hideout. Talk to them, and choose to give them the gift.

How to get the Gift Giving Freak Trophy / Achievement

There's a single trophy/achievement related to giving gifts in Scarlet Nexus; the Gift Giving Freak trophy. In order to get this trophy, you have to give all gifts to all of your allies in the game. There are a few other things to keep in mind, however:

  • You only need to give the Parallelisation Program H and V gifts once, on your first play-through - except for the character you play as on that playthrough, who you can sort out on the second. 
  • This achievement requires two playthroughs, as the gifts given in each are different. The easiest way to get this is to give all gifts in your first playthrough, and then all available in the second. However, after finishing the stories of both characters, you can then switch between them to mop up things such as gift-giving, or as part of new game plus. So once again, nothing is missable.
  • You can keep track of which characters you've given a gift to already on the Exchange Tab, where there's a box next to the character portraits that gets checked when you give a gift. It's easy enough to keep track, though. You need to do it on both playthroughs - with Yuito and Kasane both, as they each have unique gifts to give to the companion characters.

The best gifts for each character in Scarlet Nexus: what gift to give

Truth be told, you can actually see the best gifts for each character right there in the menus of Scarlet Nexus - but you might not want to refer back to that menu every time you're exchanging gifts, which is where this list will come in handy. To see it in-game, when you're looking through the gifts, character avatar icons will appear with some basic color coding to tell you that gift's status. If the avatar is grey, it means they won't accept that gift. If it's in color, they'll accept it. A pink heart means it's a preferred gift, while a red heart is a favorite gift of that character.

Alternatively, you can just check our list below. What you'll want to do, regardless, is gift each character items they like - and preferably items they'll really love. This will help to raise your bond level, and be a good use of the resources. We've broken the list up into two categories: Gifts to give as Yuito, and gifts to give as Kasane

Yuito Story Gifts


  • Fashion Magazine “RUMOR”
  • Luxury Oil
  • Squash Racket
  • Rare Antique Lamp
  • Red Cushion
  • Pink Drink Bottle
  • Colored Candle
  • Starry Sky Vision


  • Green Curtain: Fresh Verdure
  • Soothing Flower Planting
  • Blank Plant Observation Journal
  • Squash Racket
  • Bundle of Old Books
  • Mini Potted Plant Set
  • Magazine “Girl Quarterly”
  • Colorful Foliage Plant


  • First Aid Kit
  • Famous Select Alcohol Set
  • Squash Racket
  • Beige Abdominal Roller
  • Hanging Scroll “Solid”
  • Heavy Dumbbell
  • How-to Book “Hobby Recommendations”


  • Hero Figure Vol. 1
  • Squash Racket
  • Perfect Poster Vision
  • Drone and Controller
  • Plaid Cushion
  • Scale Model: Construction Vehicles
  • Scale Model: Cargo Vehicles
  • Pull Up Training Machine


  • Antique Pole Hanger
  • Rare Vintage Alcohol
  • Famous Select Alcohol Set
  • Magician Costume Set
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Comic “DAWN PICKLES” Chapter 8
  • Lunar Globe Vision
  • Fight Stick Game Machine


  • Glasses Collection Case
  • Bundle of Old Books
  • ”Organization Management for Beginners”
  • Vision Camera
  • Nature Landscape Photograph
  • ”Power Theories for Other Research”
  • Storm Photograph
  • Slightly Light Dumbbell


  • First Aid Kit
  • Sturdy Pot and Ladle
  • Phonograph-Shaped Player
  • Treatments for the Head
  • Room Fragrance
  • Healing Music: Four Seasons
  • Exorcist Crystal Ball
  • Red Quartz (blue base)


  • Modifiable Drone
  • Debarabi Cushion
  • Fighting Game “Duel IV”
  • Ranch Escape “Poppoke Aventure”
  • Hero Figure Vol. 2
  • Game Grab Bag: Action 100
  • Subculture Magazine “epoch”
  • Large Cola Bottle Set


  • First Aid Kit
  • Sewing Kit
  • Corkboard (2)
  • Poem Collection “First Love and the Maiden”
  • Hanging Scroll “Conviction”
  • Natural Photo Frame
  • Red Drink Bottle
  • Passionate Flower Painting

Kasane Story Gifts


  • Fun Snack Set
  • Neurology Essay Collection
  • Flower Aroma Candle
  • Luck-Bringing Crystal Ball
  • Brain Model Vision
  • Tea Set
  • Fortune Telling Playing Cards
  • Healing Music: “Earth and Sea”


  • Tortoise Shell Glasses
  • Septentrion Data Collection
  • Duster
  • Lightning Photograph
  • Self-Help Book “How to Not Worry”
  • “Legend of the Light on Black Hill”
  • ”Electrical Engineering In Practice”
  • Plasma Ball


  • Tool Set
  • Fun Snack Set
  • Recommended Game Choice Set
  • Hanging Scroll "Speed"
  • Tea Set
  • Old PC
  • Old PC (for extension)
  • Arcade Game Case


  • Recommended Game Choice Set
  • Electric Acoustic Guitar
  • Potted Cactus
  • Teddy Bear
  • Printed Photo Stand
  • Speciality Fruit Liquor
  • Comic “DAWN PICKLES” Chapter 9
  • ”Great Guitar Songs Collection”


  • Tool Set
  • Baki Floor Cushion
  • Single Candle
  • Tactics Book “Secret Techniques”
  • Specialty Fruit Liquor
  • Beginners’ Fishing Rod
  • Home Medicine “Health for Tomorrow”
  • New Himuka Map


  • Potted Cactus
  • Tortoise Shell Glasses
  • Tea Set
  • Self-Help Book “How to Not Worry”
  • Green Curtain: New Leaf
  • Meditative Flower Planting
  • Framed Pressed Flowers
  • Evergreen Foliage Plant


  • Scale Model: Exotic Cars
  • Plaid Blanket
  • Box of PRO Protein
  • Metal Plate
  • Adjustable Dumbbell
  • Scale Model: Utility Cars
  • New Himuka Map
  • Mint Abdominal Roller


  • Fun Snack Set
  • Mirror
  • Tea Set
  • Flower Aroma Candle
  • Antique Lamp Set
  • Simple Candle
  • Red Abdominal Roller
  • ”Fool-Proof Confectionary Recipes”


  • Comic “DAWN PICKLES” Chapter 9
  • Big Fluffy Baki Doll
  • Baki Floor Cushion
  • Baki Goods Set Vol. 2
  • Baki Floor Light
  • Baki Dictionary
  • Hygge Housekeeping & Lifestyle
  • Cooling Baki Doll
  • Baki Floor Light