Tales of Arise Recipes: cooking recipe list, unlock locations, and effects

Cooking is an essential aspect of Tales of Arise. Not only will various recipes provide you with a multitude of temporary stat boosts and similar perks, but you'll even gain a deeper appreciation for your party members as they bond over camp-cooked meals. You'll also gain an achievement for earning 30 recipes. There are 38 recipes in total, so you don't have to strain your brain too much here — but true collectors will surely do so, anyway.

In order to cook the various recipes and get the benefits of the food on your menu, you'll first need to gather ingredients - from chests, from plants and animals out in the wider world, and from shops if you're willing to spend money. You'll also need the recipes, which we'll detail the locations of below. Finally, you'll then just need to rest at a campfire - at which point you'll be given the opportunity to cook. When you leave the campfire, the beneficial effects of the meal you cooked will take hold.

This page is pretty simple. We offer up some suggestions of the best meals in Tales of Arise, and then have a full and complete Recipe List with effects & locations


The best meals to cook in Tales of Arise

The reason to cook in Tales of Arise is pretty simple - each recipe has unique effects and benefits; buffs to your characters that can really help you out. Meal benefits are typically imparted in one of four tiers: T, S, M, and L. "T" is for Tiny, "S" is for Small, "M" is for Medium, and "L" is for Large. The meaning here is fairly self-explanatory; certain recipes will provide bigger benefits than others. It stands to reason that you'll want to prioritize the best possible effects, but the recipes you'll find early in your Tales of Arise adventure won't offer you much choice in the matter.

What you'll want to cook at any given point in the game depends on what you think you're up against. If you suspect you're approaching a tough boss encounter, pop something stat-raising to give your characters that extra kick. This can really do the trick, especially on the higher difficulty settings. Conversely, if you're hanging around a wide-open area completing minor Sub-Quests and exploring the world, perhaps something that improves item drops or increases CP restoration is on the menu for you.

After that, it's a straightforward matter of selecting the highest-tier recipes you presently have access to, provided you've got the requisite ingredients on hand. For example, there's no sense cooking Leaf-wrapped Fish after you've unlocked Sushi; the former offers Exp Boost T whilst the latter imparts Exp Boost L. Basically, decide what category of buff you need, then go for the best possible version of that buff you can manage with the ingredients you have available. 


Tales of Arise Recipe List: locations to unlock all cooking recipes

As you continue through your adventure in Tales of Arise, you'll be able to unlock even more cooking recipes, allowing you to craft a wider range of food with better effects. As well as the benefit of the recipes, there are two associated trophies, Globetrotting Foodie and Speedy Chef, that are dedicated to the cooking system. Speedy Chef just requires you to cook once - but Globetrotting Foodie requires you to acquire 30 different non-DLC recipes. 

Luckily, this page has a full Tales of Arise Recipe list with locations - so you can unlock all of the cooking meals efficiently. Many recipes are unlocked via side quests - for help with that, check out our Tales of Arise side quests guide. We've also listed the DLC recipes separately, just for posterity. Here's the list:


  • Effect: Defense Up T
  • Ingredients: 3x Wheat
  • Available: Near the beginning of the game. Unmissable.

Vegetable Soup

  • Effect: Rare Ore Rate Up S
  • Ingredients: 2x Tomato, 1x Potato
  • Available: You’ll unlock this early on after learning how to craft accessories at White Silver Plains.

Vegetable Juice

  • Effect: Obtained Ore Up S
  • Ingredients: 2x Apple, 1x Lettuce, 1x Tomato
  • Available: Not long past unlocking Vegetable Juice, during the same Main Quest. Defeat Law.

Cheese Fondue

  • Effect: Earned Combat Points Up S
  • Ingredients: 1x Egg, 1x Milk, 2x Wheat
  • Available: Shortly after recruiting Dohalim. It’s automatic.


  • Effect: Elemental Defense Up S
  • Ingredients: 1x Egg, 2x Potato, 2x Wheat
  • Available: Upon completion of “Kisara’s Ideals.”  Automatic.

Leaf-Wrapped Fish

  • Effect: EXP Boost T
  • Ingredients: 2x Lettuce, 1x Sea Bream
  • Available: Simultaneously alongside Gnocchi.

Grilled Mushrooms

  • Effect: Elemental Defense Up T
  • Ingredients: 3x Mushroom
  • Available: You’ll find this aromatic dish at Kyrd Garrison inside a chest.

Steamed Potatoes

  • Effect: Heal HP After Battle T
  • Ingredients: 4x Potato
  • Available: Upon completion of the Sub-Quest “Hunger Averted” in Ulzebek. You just need to bring the nice lady a few Potatoes, which can be found in nearby regions.


  • Effect: Attack Up T
  • Ingredients: 2x Pepper, 1x Scrap Meat
  • Available: Head back to Mosgul in Calaglia  and check in with Doc to initiate the Sub-Quest “Doc's Secret Ingredient.” All he needs is Pepper, and all you need to do to find some is search areas in Calaglia.


  • Effect: More Dropped Items S
  • Ingredients: 1x Milk, 2x Potato, 1x Salmon
  • Available: Tackle the Sub-Quest “Hard Liquor” in Messia 224, where a man has found a way to suit his thirst rather ingeniously. The four Earth Seeds he needs can be nabbed off the corpses of Ropers in Ulvhan Grotto.

Apple Pie

  • Effect: Elemental Attack Up T
  • Ingredients: 2x Apple, 2x Wheat
  • Available: Your sweet surprise for completing the "Gourmet Saga: Berry Scavenging" side quest at the Frozen Valley. There’s a man in need of assistance just ahead of the area’s main bridge. Wheat and Apples are necessary, both of which you’ve likely already acquired at some point at White Silver Plains (or elsewhere).


  • Effect: Defense Up S
  • Ingredients: 1x Egg, 2x Tomato
  • Available: Inside a treasure chest on the first floor of Elde Menancia’s Autelina Palace.

Pork Bun

  • Effect: Attack Up S
  • Ingredients: 1x Pork, 2x Wheat
  • Available: Also inside a treasure chest at Autelina Palace, this time on the second floor.

Beef Stew

  • Effect: Heal HP After Battle S
  • Ingredients: 1x Beef, 1x Mushroom, 2x Potato, 2x Tomato
  • Available: The “Gourmet Saga” Sub-Quest chain continues with the “Palace Delicacy,” side quest which is triggered in Viscint. Your familiar acquaintance from before can be found right by the exit to Talka Road. Beef, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Mushrooms are all needed.

Horse Sashimi

  • Effect: Attack Up M
  • Ingredients: 3x Horse Meat
  • Available: Found inside a chest in the Dark Wing Headquarters at Niez. If these people didn’t seem unsavory before…


  • Effect: Heal CP After Battle S
  • Available: Adan Lake’s got this one. There’s a treasure chest atop a tower around the center of the map.

Ice Cream

  • Effect: Elemental Attack Up S
  • Ingredients: 1x Egg, 1x Milk
  • Available: Adan Ruins in the Mahag Saar region. From the Aqfotle Hills exit, search for one of the map’s ladder icons for a western well with a treasure chest at its base.

Roasted Chicken

  • Effect: Dark Mark
  • Ingredients: 1x Chicken, 1x Pepper
  • Available: Sub-Quest “City Renewal” in Niez. On your way out to Aqfotle Hills, you’ll espy a man who needs three Demihuman Muscles, which is a curious requirement for Roasted Chicken, but hey. The Rioter Claws at Este Luvah Forest have these in spades.


  • Effect: Defense Up M
  • Ingredients: 2x Beef, 2x Pepper, 2x Potato, 2x Rice
  • Available: Upon completion of Sub-Quest “Kisara’s Initiation,” which will trigger at the Inn in Niez simply by speaking with one of the NPCs. She needs a fair bit of ingredients: Beef, Pepper, Salmon, and Potato. The only ingredient that’s perhaps a touch tricky here is the Salmon, which can be found floating in various lakes (including nearby Adan Lake).

Vitamin Smoothie

  • Effect: Elemental Defense Up M
  • Ingredients: 1x Apple, 2x Lemon, 2x Lettuce
  • Available: Welcome back to the “Gourmet Saga” quest chain; this time you’re dealing with the “Gourmet Saga: Prairie Scent” quest at the Aqfotle Hills. On your way in from Niez, you’ll find your favorite recurringly hungry Dahnan. Lettuce, Apples, and Lemons can all be found in nearby areas.


  • Effect: EXP Boost L
  • Available: Initiate the Sub-Quest called “Untamable Rage” in Thistlym, which will prompt you to enter the southernmost portion of Shinefall Woods. A bit of swimming here will take you to Fogwharl Limestone Cavern. After a rough boss fight, investigate the fishing spot and complete the quest.

Grilled Rappig

  • Effect: Earned Combat Points Up M
  • Available: “Missing Lover” Sub-Quest in Thistlym. Talk to one of the women in town and then locate a lad at Pelegion Level 3 followed by a soldier at Talka Pond Road.


  • Effect: EXP Boost S
  • Available: Use Shionne’s healing to restore the health of a traveler at the bottom-left portion of the Lavtu Marshlands zone.

Fish Steak

  • Effect: EXP Boost M
  • Available: “Pelegion’s Zeugle Mascot” Sub-Quest will serve this one up for you. There’s a girl by the elevator at Pelegion Level 1 who tasks you with beating up some Wild Boomy zeugles at Aureum Falls. It’s a bit of a hike but worth the prize.

Mabo Curry

  • Effect: Heal CP After Battle M
  • Ingredients: 2x Pepper, 1x Rappig Meat, 3x Rice, 1x Tofu
  • Available: “Gourmet Saga: Soft and Fluffy” Sub-Quest at Pelegion Level 2. You won’t be surprised to find a man stricken with hunger here. Of note: you can’t access this quest without completion of the previous three “Gourmet Saga” Sub-Quests.


  • Effect: Elemental Defense Up L
  • Available: Inside a treasure chest at the Forland Mountains South Hiking Trail.

Fancy Parfait

  • Effect: Elemental Attack Up M
  • Available: Heal someone at Lenegis Residential Zone 16 for your fruity fun.


  • Effect: Elemental Attack Up L
  • Available: Inside a chest at Lenegis Maintenance Pathway.

Shionne’s Pancakes/Dohalim’s Pancakes/Hootle’s Pancakes

  • Effect: Heal HP After Battle L (Shionne’s Pancakes)
  • Effect: Rare Ore Rare Up L (Dohalim’s Pancakes)
  • Effect: Dropped Items L (Hootle’s Pancakes)
  • Available: The “Dahna’s Tastiest Pancake” Sub-Quest at the Inn in Viscint. Speak with the ol’ farmer at Pharia Ranch afterward.

M.F. Porridge

  • Effect: Heal CP After Battle L
  • Available: Unlock Shionne’s Pancakes and rest at a campfire. That’s it!


  • Effect: Attack Up L
  • Available: Head back to Calaglia. Trench of Flames East Side toward the end of the story after the acquisition of “Secret Key.”


  • Effect: Defense Up L
  • Available: Very late in the game, upon arriving on Rena and acquiring a map. Bring the map to Mahavar at Hidden Wharf and let him take you to Uninhabited Island. Inside a treasure chest past the boss.

Glady's Donuts

  • Effect: Earned Combat Points Up L
  • Available: Upon completion of Sub-Quest “Global Connection” at Mosgul. Speak with Doc. All he wants is some Wheat and Eggs, but you need to have already acquired Mabo Curry.

DLC & Pre-Order exclusive Recipes

These four recipes are, at least as of this moment, only available if you've pre-ordered the game. We'll never try to outright push you into pre-ordering, since waiting on word-of-mouth is a perfectly valid reason to refrain, but maybe Scott White's review will compel you if there's still time. Should these recipes become available through other means in the future, we'll be sure to update this guide accordingly - but remember, DLC recipes do not count towards the achievement. 

  • Mabo Curry Bun
  • Fisherman’s Hot Pot
  • Eastern Rice
  • Fruit Sandwich