Tales of Arise - New Game Plus and how it works and what carries over

Like most games in the Tales of franchise, Tales of Arise offers players an option to start a New Game Plus for subsequent playthroughs of the game. This allows you to play through the game's story again, only this time completely overpowering your foes, just for fun.

If you've played past Tales of games, then you are no doubt familiar with the series' commonplace Grade system. This has historically been a point system where players can accumulate Grade points throughout the game, which can then be spent in a Grade shop to unlock Carry Over capability into New Game Plus (Vesperia veterans especially are probably quite familiar with Blah Blah Blah Tidal Wave). 

How New Game Plus works in Tales of Arise

But Tales of Arise doesn't work like previous games in the series, when it comes to New Game Plus. This time around, there is no Grade. You don't have to worry about farming points to unlock all the New Game Plus carry-over bonuses. Instead, which components you can carry into a New Game Plus are determined by Key Items you find/earn throughout the game, known as Artifacts. 

Artifacts are sometimes found automatically during the story, and there are a few in chests, but most will come from completing the side quests in Tales of Arise, as well as finding all of the owls. There are 23 artifacts to be found in total, plus a few that can be obtained from DLC, which are effectively cheats/boosters.

Below is a quick list of the elements that can be carried over into New Game Plus. In order to make sure you are given the option to carry over as much as possible, you'll find to be sure you've collected all of the Artifacts in Tales of Arise first.


Tales of Arise - New Game Plus Carry Over

Assuming you found the corresponding artifacts, these are the components you can choose to carry over into New Game Plus.

  • Any Artifact bonuses found in your playthrough, such as Cooking and Ore effects, including DLC Artifacts
  • Arte Proficiencies
  • Money and Items
  • Levels
  • Equipment
  • Skills
  • Outfits
  • Records