FFXIV Haunted Manor 2022: How to access and complete the Phantoms Feast

It’s spooky season again in Final Fantasy XIV as the All Saints’ Wake yearly event heads back to Eorzea. While your adventure to the Haunted Manor 2022 is happening in January, this event is actually a catch-up for the Halloween festivities skipped in 2021. Square Enix delayed the annual celebration so Endwalker could take priority, but we’re here now. 

Right now (beginning on January 20) until February 2, you can visit New Gridania once again for a ghostly quest chain rewarding players with glamour and housing items. The actual Haunted Manor is pretty cool, too, allowing Warriors of Light to play around as some of their favorite NPCs. We’ll break it all down in the guide below.


 How to Unlock and Complete All Saints’ Wake Event

To begin your journey for that creepy clown glamour, teleport to Gridania and take the teleport to Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre. You're looking for an Elezen NPC, Adventurers’ Guild Investigator (X:10.4, Y: 8.5), you’ll know your close when you hear the music. 

Speaking to the NPC tasks you with All Clowns’ Wake, a level 15 quest sending you out to look for a “suspiciously scary personage.”

It’s time to go looking for Gridanian bystanders to see who has seen this suspicious person, the Scarlet Snout. NPCs are located around Gridania at: 

  • Foolhardy Chap, Old Gridania (X:8.0, Y:8.3)
  • Excitable Lad, Old Gridania (X: 13.5, Y: 6.3)
  • Rumormonger, New Gridania (X:10.4, Y: 11.4)
  • Dignified Lady, New Gridania (X:11.8, Y:13.2)

Then it’s back to the Adventurers’ Guild Investigator (X:10.4, Y: 8.5); he’ll have you go wait around under a bridge near the Leatherworkers’ Guild at Old Gridania (X:12.0, Y:8.6). After chatting with the NPC again, you’ll head to Central Shroud’s Bentbranch Meadows (X: 23.4, Y: 23.2 ). Speaking to the quest NPC wraps up that quest and moves you on to A Feast to Remember. 

The next NPC, Papa Gruff, is standing under the bridge in Central Shroud (X:22.8, Y:22.7). He’ll give you access to the Phantoms’ Feast seasonal instance. Speak to the Harlequin Guide just beside Papa Gruff. He’ll send you into the new dungeon in a light party (a party of four players). 

 How to Complete the Phantoms’ Feast Dungeon

The actual dungeon isn’t a challenge in the same way regular instances are. Instead of your usual job skills, you’re given two special abilities for clearing the Phantoms’ Feast. Those skills are: 

  • Holy Water - For use on lost souls roaming about the dungeon. 
  • Fiendish Lantern - Used to dissipate the Clown Wraiths. 

There are also three “boss” style encounters where your object is to clear the playroom, clear the banquet hall, and finally defeat that spooky clown guy.


Clearing the playroom will have you dodging bombs and simply standing on the pumpkins to break them open for rewards. In the banquet hall, you’ll want to juggle between banishing Clown Wraiths with your lantern and quickly eating food that spawns around the table.

The final encounter is a little more intense, but still a breeze. Continue to dodge the AOEs coming from Papa Gruff’s cleave from outside the arena while also kiting around Clown Wraiths. You can destroy them with your lantern, and save the lost souls with holy water. If someone on your team goes down, use holy water to pick them back up. 

 How to Enter the Haunted Manor

The Haunted Manor is back, and you can enter by speaking to the Genial Guiser in Old Gridania (X:10.1, Y:9.1).


If you run to room #108, you’ll encounter the Unsavory Imp (X:11.2, Y:11.0). The imp is the biggest draw for folks eager to return to the manor, as it allows you to turn into fan-favorite NPCs like Thancred, Aymeric, Ryne, Nanamo, and others. 

 Rewards for FFXIV Halloween Event 2022


Completing the quests rewards you with Modern Cosmetics - Clowning Around, and Pumpkin Cookies. Take those Pumpkin Cookies to Shady Smock in Old Gridania (X:10.3, Y:9.2) and exchange them for the following:

  • Clowns’ Hat - 2 Cookies
  • Clowns’ Top - 3 Cookies
  • Clown’s Shortgloves - 2 Cookies
  • Clown’s Bottoms - 3 Cookies
  • Clown’s Boots - 2 Cookies
  • Haunted Pumpkin Set - 3 Cookies
  • Pumpkin Flower Vase - 3 Cookies
  • Magicked Prism (Pumpkin) - 1 Cookie

Remember, you can get more cookies by repeating the instanced dungeon.