Expeditions Rome: How to Recruit Deianeira

Like any good CRPG, Expeditions: Rome comes with a cast of close companions that will accompany you along your journey. In fact, as the game takes place over the course of three different war campaigns spanning nearly a decade, these companions end up serving with your legion for a very long time. While you can use more generic praetorians to fill our your roster if desired, the companion characters have unique quests and gear that means you'll likely want to get all of them on your team.

While most of the game's companions will join in the very early sections of the game, you might be several hours into the game's first Act and not be sure how to recruit the last party member, Deianeira. Unlike the rest of the cast, Deianeira is tucked a fair way into the game, and it might not be clear exactly where to find her. However, if you know how exactly how to recruit her, you can make sure to get her on your team sooner rather than later and wondering if maybe you somehow missed your chance.


Expeditions Rome: How to Recruit Deianeira

About halfway into your conquest of Asia Minor, you'll end up getting a summons to return to Lucullus at his war camp in the far southeast of the area. We were able to trigger receiving the missive after completing the Main Quest Divide and Conquer and had 7 sectors of Asia Minor pacified (you do not need to have completed Whack The Mole.)

The summons to return to Lucullus will appear randomly shortly after the completion of Divide and Conquer.

Upon receiving the summons from Lucullus, you'll start the Main Quest Moritui Te Salutant (which means "Those who are about to die salute you." in Latin, for what it's worth.) If you decide to track this quest, you'll realize that it takes place in the far northwest region of Asia minor near Ainos, at the Gladiator School. Note that Bestia is a required ally for this mission, for reasons that'll be obvious shortly.

Upon entering, you'll eventually meet up with Damianos, the head of the Gladiator school that has decided to side with Mithrades in the war. After a brief conversation, you'll end up taking control of Bestia to visit the gladiators. You'll deal with the guard at the entrance, and then find Deianeira in one of the nearby rooms. She and Bestia will easily take care of the few enemies here, upon the defeat of which all chaos will break loose.

One more simple battle against DaMianos and his guard is all that's left to complete the quest.

A few more dialogue options later, and you'll end up pitted against Daimanos and his guard. The battle itself is pretty simple, and you'll get a few of the other gladiators to help out regardless. Have Syneros or another ally whittle down his armor, and then use your favorite units to finish him off. Even though the original objective is just to defeat Damianos, you'll end up having to clear out his guard. Defeating Damianos will stop the enemy reinforcements, however.

You'll be able to select Damianos fate once you defeat him, but in terms of recruiting Deianeira, the choice doesn't seem to matter, though note that she'll refuse to kill him herself. 

Selecting the bottom option will turn down Deianeira from joining your group.

Finally, in order to recruit Deianeira, simply make sure to welcome her into your party here. Deianeira is a Princeps like Caeso, and started out equipped with a spear, shield, and strong armor.