Elden Ring Sellen Questline: Sorcerer Sellen side quest walkthrough

Sellen is one of the NPCs with a side quest line in Elden Ring, and though it’s not exactly a major one, it’s an intriguing questline that has some solid rewards regardless of what type of character build you have.

The Sellen questline is kicked off when you first find this mysterious sorceress - and she can be found from very early on in the game, as she’s hiding in a basement in Limgrave, the earliest area of the game. On this page, we’ll explain how to advance and complete her quest - and what you get for doing so. 

Sorceress Sellen Questline Walkthrough

Sorcerer Sellen in her cellar in Elden Ring - where her questline begins.

You’ll first be able to encounter Sellen the Sorceress at the Waypoint Ruins, which is a small set of ruins found in Eastern Limgrave, as shown on the map below.

This area is misleading at first, as it looks like it’s just overgrown and overtaken by a bunch of poisonous flowers. If you want to take these flowers out, you can - you just want to think about using a Fire Grease consumable or using a Fire-based weapon to rip the plants to shreds. Carry a poison curative or resistance, too. But beating the flowers is ultimately optional - you can get to where you need to go while they still live, it’s just harder.

The location of the Waypoint Ruins on Elden Ring's map, which is where you first meet sorcerer Sellen.

Specifically, if you examine the ruins you’ll notice one area is completely walled off. Use your trusty steed Torrent to double-jump over the wall and into this enclosed area. Here, there’s steps down to an underground cave area.

Be ready before you go down here. There’s a Mad Pumpkin Head, which you might have encountered in other areas as a regular enemy - but here, it acts as a sort of mini-boss. It’s not too tough to defeat, and you can summon both other players or NPC spirit ashes summons to help if you need to.

Once the boss is defeated, a Site of Grace appears in this room. Activate it for use later, and then open the door in the back of the room to discover Sorceress Sellen. 

Talk to Sellen, agree to become her student, and exhaust her dialogue. She’ll be able to sell you sorceries as a vendor, and you can also give her books to expand her wares. For now, this is all you can do with her - go and do something else. You can head not too far south of the Waypoint Ruins to reach the Weeping Penninsula and kick off the Irina questline, if you're at a loss - and you can complete that quest right away.

The Hermit Village, Comet Azur, Sellia Hideaway, and Master Lusat

Next up, you’ll need to continue progressing through Elden Ring’s story until you reach the larger map area of Mt. Gelmir. 

In this zone, you’ll find the Hermit’s Village area which is home to Azur, a silent sorcerer - possibly a corpse, it’s hard to tell - that when interacted with gives you a sorcery known as the Comet Azur. The location of the village is marked on the map above.

With this Sorcery in hand, return to Sellen. Exhaust all available dialogue options to again push the storyline onwards, and choose to accept her request to help her.

Sellen will now task you with tracking down another Sorcerer, Master Lusat. You’re given a semi-vague clue, which is that it’s near Sellia Town, which is in Caelid. Luckily, you’ve got us - so here’s the location, Sellia Hideaway, on a map:

The location of Sellia Hideaway in Elden Ring's Caelid region.

The Sellia Hideaway is found north of Sellia, Village of Sorcery, which you can just ride into in Caelid. Just beware of the sorcerers there. In order to access the area north of the town, you need to complete the quest there by hopping across rooftops to light three Braziers - the large torches - throughout the town.

Each torch lit breaks a seal in the town, and by lighting all three you can head north, out of the town, to the Church of the Plague, which has a Site of Grace. Doing this also gets you an Imbued Sword Key to use at the Four Belfries.

Head directly north and just a little bit west from the Church of the Plague to find a graveyard guarded by a single sorcerer. Kill the sorcerer, and then go to the wall directly behind the largest headstone that he was guarding. This is an illusion wall - hit it to reveal the entrance to the Sellia Hideaway.

This Hideaway is a standard dungeon with a challenging trio of Crystallians as a boss. Work through the dungeon, which involves going through several illusion walls, until you reach a point where you find a single snail enemy on top of a Crystal, as pictured:

Look out for this snail enemy resting on a crystal; jump down onto the crystal, and head to its point and keep heading down.

At this point, you need to drop down to the crystal. From this position if you turn left and walk up the crystal to solid land again, you’ll be on the path to the bosses. But for Sellen’s quest, you need to head right, down the crystals, to where you can safely jump to the bottom of this large crystal-covered cave.

Fight your way through down there in order to find a door with a seal. Sellen will have given you the item to open this; interact with the door to use the item.

Open the sealed door to find Master Lusat... or what's left of him, anyway.

Inside this room, you’ll find Master Lusat, the sorcerer you were looking for. When you interact with Master Lusat, you’ll get the Stars of Ruin sorcery. With this done, it’s time to return to Sellen again.

Sellen’s real form in Witchbane Ruins

For the next part of the quest to activate, you must have beaten Starscourge Radahn in Caelid. This is one of the main (and yet optional) bosses in Elden Ring; one of the ones that gives you a Great Rune and a Remembrance item. Radahn is difficult to beat, and isn’t the subject of this page - but know you have to do that first. Radahn is reached via Redmane Castle, in south-eastern Caelid.

Once Radahn is dealt with, head back to Sellen in the Waypoint Ruins Cellar. She will now ask you to meet her at the Witchbane Ruins, which is in the south-west of the Weeping Penninsula, the area south of Limgrave. 

The Witchbane Ruins in the Weeping Penninsula is where you'll find the real Sellen. Here it is on Elden Ring's map.

As shown on the map above, the Witchbane Ruins are just south of the Fourth Church of Marika, though the quickest location to get to the Ruins is the Isolated Merchant’s Shack, just south of the ruins. 

Beat the enemies in the ruins, then head down into the cellar beneath them. Down here, chained up, is Sellen’s real body - you’ve been dealing with a projection so far. Talk to her, and exhaust her dialogue.

As part of the dialogue, you’ll accept Sellen’s Primal Glintstone, which is vital to continue. Sellen will scream as you take it; it’s a painful process. But you now have a mission; to transfer her consciousness.

Sellen’s New Body 

You can find the body Sellen requires in north-western Liurnia. This is in the area with three towers that’s past Caria Manor

Caria Manor is an optional legacy dungeon that you must complete to reach this chunk of the map; if you haven’t, you’ll need to in order to continue. This is a useful location to unlock, however, as it’s key to Ranni’s quest, which unlocks one of Elden Ring’s Endings

There’s three towers here; the ruins you want are between Ranni’s Rise (with the Site of Grace), and Renna’s Rise, to the north. The point marked on the middle of the map is your destination. There’s a single sorcerer here - kill him, then look for an illusion floor in this area that hides stairs down to a secret basement.

At the back of this secret basement, there’s an illusion wall. Strike the wall to find what looks like another Sellen… but it’s an empty puppet. Interact with it to bequeath this new form to Sellen. 

When you’ve done this, return to Witchbane Ruins, where Sellen’s captive body was. Here, now, you’ll find Witch Hunter Jerren, who you met while preparing to fight Radahn.

Jerren fills you in on Sellen’s backstory. He wants to hunt her. While you can’t say anything, you know where Sellen is going…

Sellen vs Jerren: Questline Final Showdown

At the end of the quest, you'll have to make a choice using summon signs - Sellen or Jerren.

To trigger the finale of the quest, you’ll need to head to the Raya Lucaria Academy dungeon in Liurnia, accessed with a Glintstone Key. You should've already finished this dungeon by now. You want to teleport to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library Site of Grace, which is the same place you fought Rennala and the same place you go to Respec your character.

Exit the Grand Library Boss Room from the large double doors, but don’t use the lift here. Instead, turn back around and face the doors. There will be two summon signs either side of the door: one golden, to help Sellen to kill Jerren, and one red, to invade Sellen and help Jerren

You now have to make a choice about who you help. You can go with your heart and gut based on the story presented, or you can weigh up the rewards, which are as follows:

  • If you help Sellen, you’ll have to kill Jerren, which gives you his Eccentric armor set. After the battle, go into the Grand Library to find Rennala gone, albeit temporarily (this does not block respec). You can talk to Sellen immediately after the battle to receive the Glintstone Kris dagger, and also be able to buy powerful new sorceries from her shop. The next time you visit the Grand Library, Rennala will be back, and Sellen will be off in the corner of the room in a new and unfortunate form. At that point, you can loot the point next to her to get her Witch’s Glintstone Crown. 
  • If you challenge Sellen, you’ll join forces with Jerren to kill her. You’ll be able to get her Witch’s Glintstone Grown, her Bell Bearing that can be handed in at Roundtable to still access her shop. After the battle, go outside the library to where the summon signs were to find Jerren still hanging around - talk to him and he'll hand over a super-rare Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone for weapon upgrades.

The choice, of course, is yours. Whatever you choose, that marks the end of the Sellen questline in Elden Ring - and you head on out to the rest of the open world! 

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One way or another, you'll end this Elden Ring quest with the Witch's Glintstone Crown, among other rewards.