Elden Ring Bell Bearing Hunter Locations: Where to find shop-expanding Invasions

Bell Bearing Hunters are one of several kinds of repeated bosses in Elden Ring, though of all the bosses that re-appear multiple times throughout the game, these are among the most useful to battle - in part because they hand over Bell Bearing items that can then be used to expand the items available for sale back in Roundtable Hold.

Each Bell Bearing Hunter fight takes the form of an NPC invasion, but they only happen in certain places and under certain conditions. On this page, we explain how to trigger every one of the Bell Bearing Hunter fights, and what the items they drop will unlock for you in the Twin Maiden Husks store in Roundtable Hold.

Bell Bearing Hunter Locations & Invasion Spawn Conditions in Elden Ring

Bell Bearing Hunters add new items to the Twin Maiden Husks shop in Roundtable Hold, making crafting easier.

There are multiple Bell Bearing Hunter enemies across Elden Ring’s expansive world, each found in a different location, and each with its own drops and power level. You can relate the power level to the area you’re in, broadly speaking - which is to say, this enemy gets stronger in some of the locations you visit later on in the game. 

The hunters are a tall, imposing figure wielding a large sword and a shield. They’re pretty standard humanoid enemies in terms of their move set, but they also have size and sheer strength on their side.

That combines with the fact that spirit summoning is unavailable in any of the locations that they spawn to mean this can in some instances be a tough battle - you’re on your own. Some character classes, like those who have specced attributes and stats into a more ranged-friendly build, might have more luck at keeping these hunters at a safe distance. 

As mentioned in the opening, the reason you’ll want to beat each Bell Bearing Hunter is because of their drops; each drops a different Bell Bearing item that lets you buy key crafting items from the Twin Maiden Husks’s Bell Bearing store in Roundtable Hold.

Specifically, each item lets you buy certain key crafting ingredients, meaning no more hunting for them in the wild. After getting each Bell Bearing, turn it in with the Twin Maiden Husks to expand their store repertoire.

So far, we believe there's four Bell Bearing Hunter battles in Elden Ring. Here’s where they are, what they drop, and how to make them spawn:

Limgrave Bell Bearing Hunter

The location of the first Bell Bearing Hunter in Elden Ring, found in Limgrave.
  • Found at Warmaster’s Shack in the Stormhill area. In the daytime and at first this is occupied by a friendly NPC, but he eventually disappears. You might see him again later.
  • Only spawns at night; so either approach the shack from another Site of Grace at night, or advance time to night and then rest at the Warmaster’s Shack Site of Grace. Your first sign the invasion is happening will likely be a shift in the music.
  • Drops the Bone Peddler’s Bell Bearing, which adds Thin Animal Bones and Heavy Beast Bones to the store.

Liurnia Bell Bearing Hunter

Liurnia is home to the second of Elden Ring's Bell Bearing Hunter fights.
  • Spawns at the Church of Vows in the plains on the eastern wing of Liurnia.
  • Again, only spawns in the morning. To force it to spawn, teleport to the Church of Vows site of grace, then advance time to night. Exit the grace, then rest again right away and advance to morning. Once you’re a few steps from the grace on a new morning, the Bell Bearing Hunter will spawn.
  • Drops the Meat Peddler’s Bell Bearing, which adds Lumps of Flesh, Silvers of Meat, and Turtle Neck Meat to the store.

Altus Plateau Bell Bearing Hunter

Just outside Leyndell, at the Altus Plateau, you'll find the next Bell Bearing Hunter.
  • Appears in the shadow of Leyndell, Royal Capital, at the Hermit Merchant’s Shack location, just past a graveyard. This is inside the first great wall, in the 'Outer Moat' area, but is not inside Leyndell proper, and not impacted by the 'ash' developments later in the game.
  • This one is like the Limgrave hunter and only invades at night. Follow the same instructions; rest at the site of grace to advance to night, exit, rest again, and then the hunter will spawn.
  • Drops the Medicine Peddler’s Bell Bearing, which adds the various ‘Boluses’ items (Neutralizing, Stanching, Thawfrost, Stimulating) to the store, great for Crafting.

Caelid Bell Bearing Hunter

The location of the Caelid Bell Bearing Hunter - the most difficult to defeat.
  • While you can reach Caelid from early game, this is by far the most difficult of these battles, and is best saved for last. It’s found in the Dragonbarrow area in the north of Caelid, at the location of an Isolated Merchant
  • This one also only spawns at night. You know the drill by now - rest at the site of grace, advance to night, rest once more, and exit. The invasion will begin.
  • Drops the Gravity Stone Peddler’s Bell Bearing, which adds two rare items to the store - the Gravity Stone Fan, and the Gravity Stone Chunk

If you want access to more Bell Bearings, you’ll find them everywhere throughout The Lands Between - but you might not like what Elden Ring makes you do to get them. 

While these Bell Bearings dropped by the hunters exist to give you easier access to certain crafting materials, other Bell Bearings are generally dropped by NPCs with stores when they die, thus enabling you to retain access to their wares even after they die, or after you kill them. Some other Bell Bearings, which unlock weapon and spirit summon upgrade materials, can be found deep inside some of Elden Ring’s optional dungeons, catacombs, and mines.