Soul Hackers 2 New Game Plus - What carries over into a second playthrough

Soul Hackers 2 has a New Game Plus option, which isn't too surprising. You're probably here on this page because you're curious about what carries over. You're in luck! We list all those details below.

However, before we get to that, there's a somewhat important note to make about Soul Hackers 2 and New Game Plus. So let's start with that...

Due to the way the game's Soul Level and Soul Matrix systems work in the game, even if you maximize the number of Soul Levels in a playthrough, it is impossible to complete the Soul Matrix in a single playthrough of the game. There simply aren't enough Soul Levels to go around. You need 200 Soul Level for Arrow, Milady, and Saizo, but you'll only be able to get each of them above 100 if you play optimally.

So, if you are a completionist or the type aiming to get all achievements in the game, you can already go ahead and pencil in a 2nd playthrough in your planner. Luckily, New Game Plus bonuses make a repeat run of the game relatively painless. While Soul Levels themselves don't carry over into NG+, your Soul Level gain is boosted, making it possible to finish the Soul Matrix on the 2nd time around.

You can, however, achieve the best ending in a single playthrough, if that is primarily what you are aiming for. As long as you complete all available side quests and reach each character's fifth Soul Matrix floor (without necessarily completing it), you should be able to access it.

Without further ado, find details on Soul Hackers 2 New Game Plus below.

New Game Plus is back in Soul Hackers 2, and it's actually required to complete the Soul Matrix.

Soul Hackers 2 - About New Game+ 

Based on clear data, a New Game+ will start, incorporating the following benefits:

  • Soul Levels grow at an increased rate with each New Game+
  • Additional Personal Events
  • Additional new requests
  • Selections already chosen in past playthroughs will be marked

Soul Hackers 2 - Carrying Over Clear Data 

New Game+ will allow you to start a fresh playthrough while carrying over some of the data from your cleared game. Some data will be automatically carried over, whereas other data can be selectively chosen to be carried over.

Soul Hackers 2 - Data that is Automatically Carried Over

The following data will be automatically carried over:

  • Shop inventories
  • Outfits (Characters start with defaults)
  • Accessories (Characters start with defaults)
  • Data on defeated enemies
  • Data on consumed meals

Soul Hackers 2 - Data that is Selectively Carried Over

The following data can be selectively carried over:

  • Character levels
  • COMP upgrades
  • Automapping
  • Money and Mistiquartz
  • Items
  • Mistiques
  • Demon Compendium and unlocked fusions