Persona 5 Royal: Bank Codes for Kaneshiro's Palace

As you dive deep into the Bank Palace belonging to Kaneshiro, Persona 5 Royal mixes up the combat-heavy nature of these palace dungeons with a little puzzle - figuring out the Bank Codes. Cracking these codes is actually fairly simple, but if they've left you scratching your head, we've got the solutions for you below.

The Bank Codes are required to progress through Kaneshiro's palace, which feels like something of a shrine to money. That makes it appropriate that these PIN codes resemble those used in an ATM, and are deep in heavily-guarded vaults.

Each vault door has lettering on it - take the word 'RICH', for example, which is the clue for the first door. To progress, you'll need to use the clues around the dungeon and use the torn pages of Kaneshiro's journal in order to cross reference that word with the numbers and find out the correct PIN code for each of the vaults.

The various Torn Papers will say things like "H = 2", which is straighforward, but also more complicated formulae that force you to cross reference the different journal pages and do some basic maths. This can take time, but it's also a puzzle that gives you a slight break from fighting through the dungeon in order to figure out the answers to the PIN codes for the ATM/vault doors in Kaneshiro's bank-themed palace. 

Or, alternatively, you can let us tell you the bank codes, which are the same for both regular Persona 5 and Royal:

Each of the Persona 5 Royal bank codes is a little puzzle, but they're easily solved with this guide.

Persona 5 Royal Bank Codes List

It honestly isn't very difficult, but if you're chomping at the bit and just want to get to the dungeon boss, we understand - and so we provide the solutions below:

Bank Code 1: RICH

On the key pad you'll need to use to actually enter the bank codes, this needs to be entered as 0102.

Bank Code 2: REAP

Using the keypad, this bank code needs to be inputted as 0931.

Bank Code 3: HUGE

Once again, you'll be typing this in like you're using a phone keypad, making the exact input 2319

Bank Code 4: GOLD

Finally, the last puzzle solution is 'Gold' - so punch 1841 into the keypad and away you go.

After entering the last bank code, you'll be able to hop into an elevator and ride down towards the final boss of the Kaneshiro Dungeon. We'd recommend that your characters are around level 25 or better before going down there - there's no further enemies to grind at the bottom of the elevator, only the boss and the ultimate end of the dungeon. Good luck!

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