Crisis Core Flower Wagon Building & Instructions guide

A huge part of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is getting to see how the relationship between Zack and Aerith developed - and one curious element of that is Building a Flower Wagon, where you’ll need to gather a range of wagon parts and instructions to craft up to three gifts for Aerith.

There’s three different Wagons you can build. The first is part of the core story progression of Crisis Core, while the second and third wagons are optional, with minor rewards for following through with them. This guide details where to get all of the Wagon Parts and the rewards you'll get for building all three wagons. 

What rewards do you get for making all three Wagons?

Building a Flower Wagon in Crisis Core will help to make Aerith happy - and building all three really gets Zack and her closer.

Honestly, getting in deep on the Crisis Core Flower Wagon mission is for the most part just a distraction - don’t expect to receive any major rewards for it, beyond Aerith’s gratitude and a few extra cutscenes.

However, a big part of the story of Crisis Core is learning about Zack’s relationship with Aerith and how that impacts the original Final Fantasy VII - and so seeing more scenes of them together, and role-playing as a Zack who’ll do anything for her, is naturally a great story fit. The scenes for each of the three carts are largely unique, too, ranging from cute to quite funny.

But if you’re focused on the video game side of things, there’s no major reward for building the Flower Wagons - not even a piece of materia. There doesn’t really need to be, though, as rewards are common in all of the Crisis Core side missions and also some of the tasks you’ll undertake to build all three Wagons will carry rewards along the way.

Crisis Core Flower Wagon Building Part Locations: Tools, Wood, Wheels, and Instructions

Building each Flower Wagon for Aerith requires a range of different items obtained through Crisis Core side content.

As part of the core story of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, you’ll have to build Aerith at least one flower cart. This must be done to advance the story of the game.

One of the Crisis Core Flower Carts is made up of four key parts: Tools, Wood, Wheels, and Instructions. Each cart requires different variations of these items, each obtained in a different way. 

Parts & Locations for Building the Basic Flower Wagon

For the core story cart, you’ll be required to find some second-hand, less glamorous parts - the Used Tools, Old Lumber, Worn Tires, and the How to Build a Wagon Instructions.

These items are scattered throughout Midgar during the specific story chapter where Aerith asks you to build the cart - which will be either Chapter 7 (Crisis Core Reunion) or Chapter 8 (PSP original) depending on which version of the game you’re playing.

All four of the parts are found scattered throughout Midgar as glowing orange items that actually sort of resemble Materia. 

They’re hard to miss because of how they glow, especially on the versions of the game free of the PSP screen and at a higher resolution. As such we won’t give you a screenshot of every one, but here’s where to find them:

Used Tools: 

The location of the Used Tools for Aerith's Flower Wagon in Crisis Core.

Find these in the area of the Sector 5 Slums immediately outside the church. After a meeting with Tseng, search around this area. There’ll be a couple of useless items, but also a set of Used Tools, which is exactly what you need.

Old Lumber: 

Just like how Anakin built C3PO, Zack named Seventh Heaven! Make this cringeworthy fanservice happen to get Wood for the Flower Wagon.

Go to the Sector 5 Slums Market area, where there’s the stores and the materia delivery mini-game. There’s some busted up wood panels in one corner of this area, interactable with. Do so and take them, and an NPC will come over and chat to you.

Naturally, you’ll want to suggest to him “Seventh Heaven,” paradise in Sector 7 - a bit of heavy-handed foreshadowing. He’ll then let you take the wood, which nets you the Old Lumber. 

There are some decoy wood items you can interact with - but when you do, you’ll discover they’re too rotten to use. Only this one will work.

Worn Tires:

This car looks familiar... it's also how you get your first Tires for the Crisis Core Flower Wagon.

For these parts, you’ll need to head above the Plate to the upper section of Midgar, as if you’re heading back to Shinra HQ. But instead, take yourself down Loveless Street, the iconic location from FF7, and find the NPC down the street standing next to the light blue car that’ll also be quite familiar to fans of the original FF7.

Chat to this extremely car-proud NPC and he’ll eventually hand Zack the Worn Tires, which will act as the wheels for the basic wagon.

How to Build a Wagon Instructions:

To get the Flower Wagon Instructions, head back to where this mini-adventure began!

Finally, for the Wagon Instructions, you’ll need to simply… head back to where we got those Old Tools a few steps ago, the Slums, right outside the Church. This is where a lot of people get tripped up, because you’ve already been here!

If you interacted with all items earlier, even the useless trash, you’ll remember that there was a Shinra trooper helmet. This is represented, again, by that glowing orange blob. Interact with it to discover that the Helmet actually has… Wagon instructions inside it. Alrighty then.

Grab this, then head back to Aerith to build this first Wagon.

Parts & Locations for Building the Cool Flower Wagon

To get the necessary Wagon Parts for the Cool Flower Cart for Aerith, Zack will need to take part in squatting contests.

While being corporate fascists definitely isn’t cool, Crisis Core associates wagon parts that are connected to Shinra with being cool, I guess ‘cos they’re slick and technologically advanced. 

As you’d expect, all of these parts can be obtained by participating in Shinra-related activities - so you’ll want to head to Shinra tower. 

Specifically, you’ll need to take part in Crisis Core’s squatting mini-game, which you can participate in on the SOLDIER floor of Shinra HQ, inside the Training Room. There’s four ranks of squatter to beat in a one-on-one face-off, each more difficult than the last. Each rewards you one of the four parts you need:

  • Shinra Infantryman - Shinra Lunch Cart Specs (Instructions)
  • Shinra Captain - Shinra Ceramic (Wood)
  • SOLDIER 3rd Class - Shinra Treads (Wheels)
  • SOLDIER 2nd Class - Shinra Solder (Tools)

Honestly, this mini game is very difficult in the final instance, so this is arguably the most difficult cart to build. If you manage to beat all four opponents, however, you’ll also get a trophy/achievement if you’re playing the Crisis Core Reunion remaster.

Parts & Locations for Building the Cute Flower Wagon

Building the Cute Flower Wagon for Aerith requires you to find more items scattered across Midgar.

The Cute Flower Wagon splits the difference between the basic and the Cool ones, by which I mean the parts are found by exploring Midgar, but also you’ll have to engage in some more specific mini games and quest lines in order to obtain the parts.

This time it’s Walnut Wood, Mythril Tools, Premium Tire, and Walnut Wood. Here’s where to find all of the Cute Wagon parts and instructions for Aerith:

Walnut Wood:

To get the Walnut Wood for the Flower Carts, you'll need to take part in a lengthy side quest.

The wood for the cute wagon is Walnut, and getting it requires the most in-depth and engaged devotion from you, at least compared to the rest of the Aerith Flower Wagon items. It’s the second most difficult, behind that damn final squatting opponent - but unlike that, this one isn’t strictly hard - it’s just time consuming.

Anyway, to get the Walnut Wood, you’ll need to track down Wutai Spies as part of an ongoing plot thread. This is a multi-step quest, and we’ve actually got a full guide to the Wutai Spy locations as a separate page.

Anyway, to start the Wutai Spy storyline, talk to the SOLDIER 2nd Class that’s hanging around Loveless Street. They’ll give you a clue, and you must track down and talk to the NPC it’s hinting at. Finding each spy also unlocks a side quest mission, each with further rewards.

Find all six spies and you’ll be given the Walnut Wood in reward.

Craftsman Monthly:

Complete Mission 1-2-6, and then talk to the Shinra Soldier found in Loveless Street. The Soldier will hand over Craftsman Monthly, which are the instructions for the cute cart, as a reward.

Mythril Tools:

In the context of FF7, this guy might actually be a good guy... but you get him arrested, and get Mythril Tools for wagon building for your efforts.

Complete Mission 2-1-6, and then chat to the Shinra Researcher that’s found hanging out in front of the map of the world in Shinra HQ Exhibit Room. Some story events will transpire, and at the end you’ll get the Mythril Tools as a reward.

Premium Tire:

Complete Mission 7-1-6, and then talk to the Shinra SOLDIER 3rd Class in the SOLDIER floor Briefing Room of Shinra HQ; he’ll hand over the Premium Tire, which will be the last item you need to craft the cute wagon for Aerith.