Crisis Core Fan Club guide: How to unlock, Join, and Unite all 5 Clubs

Fan Clubs are a unique element of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, meant to showcase the popularity of SOLDIER and its members before Shinra begins its gradual downfall. There's five fan clubs total - two for Genesis, one each for Sephiroth and Angeal, and a secret, difficult-to-join Zack fan club

The problem with the Crisis Core fan clubs, however, is that they're easily missable - and it requires very specific steps to unlock all five fan clubs and experience all of the content they can unlock.

This guide will help you to join all five fan clubs, help you to complete the side quest by uniting them, and explains what you get for doing so. It'll work for original Crisis Core on PSP, and the remastered Crisis Core Reunion on modern platforms.

Crisis Core Fan Clubs: Unlocks, Locations, and Rewards

Crisis Core fan clubs offer some unique story content, but joining them all isn't simple.

There's five different fan clubs that feature in Crisis Core, each focused on one major player in the story of this FF7 prequel - except for one lucky character that actually has two clubs to their name. Zack can join as many or as few of the fan clubs as he likes, and they're not mutually exclusive. 

If you manage to successfully join all five fan clubs, you'll unlock the Fan Club Aficionado achievement or trophy, while further side quest action can be taken to 'unite' the fan clubs, saving them from destruction and bankruptcy to earn you the Fan Club Savior achievement. 

In addition, however, each Fan Club unlocked will give Zack more emails to read - and these emails, sent over the course of the game's story, reveal narrative tidbits about the universe of FF7. If you've ever wanted to know what brand shampoo Sephiroth uses, now's your chance.

There are no major material rewards for joining and uniting the fan clubs, but they are missable content nevertheless - so this guide will help to ensure you join them all and help them to thrive.

Angeal's Fan Club: The Keepers of Honor

Joining Angeal's fan club requires you to befriend a specific lady in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII's Sector 8.

Once you have access to roam Midgar from Chapter Two onwards, look around the Upper Plate section of Sector 8 after exiting the Shinra building. You'll find three women standing around talking - and they're all SOLDIER fangirls, each with a favorite.

Simply talk to the Angel fan among the three and you'll be inducted into the 'Keepers', aka the Keepers of Honor. This is Angeal's fan club, and reacts to events surrounding Angeal throughout Crisis Core.

In Chapter 8, you'll need to reunite the Angeal fan club leader with her lost child. Speak to the child in Sector 8, and then speak to the woman on the Train Platform above the plate. When given the chance, tell her "A mother without honor is nothing but a monster". 

Genesis Fan Clubs: Red Leather & the Loveless Study Group

To join the Crisis Core Genesis fan clubs, you'll need to speak to two specific NPCs.

Genesis actually has two different Fan Clubs in Crisis Core - the 'Red Leather' fan club that just loves him, and the Loveless Study group that's more interested in his connection to the play Loveless, which appeared in a handful of frames in the original FF7 but has been fleshed out to a major story element in Crisis Core.

  • To join the Red Leather club, chat to the Genesis fan in the Sector 8 Fountain area, who is with the Angeal and Sephiroth fans as above.
  • To join the Loveless Study Group club, head to Loveless Avenue in Sector 8, and chat to the lady NPC down an alleyway to the right of the Loveless Theatre

In later chapters, you'll need to talk to both of these women again to convince them to merge these two fan clubs into one definitive Genesis fan club. 

Sephiroth Fan Club: The Silver Elite

Joining the Sephiroth fan club in Crisis Core FF7 requires you answer a quiz.

You'll first encounter a Sephiroth fan girl at the Sector 8 fountain area along with the Angeal and Genesis fans, but you won't be able to join. Instead, you'll need to wait until Chapter 5, when you have free access to roam the Sector Six Slums.

Instead of visiting Aerith, head right when you exit the Sector 6 Market area to reach the Playground area that'll be most familiar to FF7 fans. Here, next to the cat slide, you can find a Sephiroth fan club NPC who'll quiz you on Sephiroth in order to allow you to join the club.

This lady isn't here in some later chapters, as other side quests like the Wutai Spy hunt takes precedence here. If you catch her, however, here's how to answer:

  • What's the name of Sephiroth's sword?
    • Masamune
  • What is the name of Sephiroth's ultimate attack?
    • Super Nova
  • In which hand does Sephiroth hold his sword?
    • Left

Answer these questions correctly and you'll be inducted into Sephiroth's fan club. Fan of a mass murderer - go you!

Zack Fan Club

This receptionist is a Zack fangirl, and is actually your ticket to his fan club.

You too can get a fan club named after you! In order to unlock the Zack fan club, you have to take very specific steps at certain times, as Zack's fan club is one of the easiest bits of Crisis Core's missable content:

  • Once you're in the Attack on Junon during Chapter 6 in Reunion (Chapter 7 on PSP), keep playing the story until you beat the General Tank enemy. 
  • After defeating the Tank enemy, you'll play a 'Perimeter Defense' mini game - basically you have to fight waves of enemies and not let them past you. You must not miss a single enemy, defeating all 30.
  • After this, Zack will say that Hollander is going to pay for what he's done. At this point, open your map. Notice the regular blue objective marker, but also an orange optional objective marker next to a cable car that travels up to Junon Airport, a memorable area from FF7. You only have this one chance to go up here.
Here's the easily missable point you need to interact with in order to secure the path to the Zack Fan Club.
Here's the easily missable point you need to interact with in order to secure the path to the Zack Fan Club.
  • Go up this cable car to trigger a scene where Zack and Cissnei talk.
  • After this, in Chapter 7 of Crisis Core Reunion (Chapter 8 on PSP), visit the receptionist's desk at the Entrance of Shinra HQ. Talk to the Receptionist on the left, and she'll reveal the existence of the Zack fan club to you. 

The fate of the Zack fan club depends somewhat on what you do with the other clubs - and if you unite them or not.

How to Unite the Fan Clubs

You'll need to reunite Mother & Son in order to keep the Angeal Crisis Core fan club going.

Once you've joined all of the clubs, in Chapter 7 (Chapter 8 in the PSP original), you have a chance to bring them together. There's three key steps to this:

  1. Return to the Genesis fans. Talk to the one at the Sector 8 Fountain area first, and suggest that she consider merging with a more wealthy fan club.
  2. Now head to Loveless Avenue and talk to the Loveless Study Group fan in the alleyway. Talk to her about the merger, then return to the other Genesis fan. The two Genesis-themed clubs will merge.
  3. Finally, head to a child in Sector 8 who has lost his mother. Go to the Train Station area that leads to the slums to find her. 
  4. For the dialogue, tell the Angeal Fan Club mother that "A mother without honor is nothing but a monster" - and this solves that problem.

Doing all four of these steps and also joining the Sephiroth club by completing the quiz earlier in the game will unlock the Fan Club Savior trophy in Crisis Core Reunion, but also adjust the outcome of the Zack Fan Club to the best possible outcome as Crisis Core proceeds. Emails will reveal the fate of the clubs.