Crisis Core Magic Pot Summon Unlock guide

The Magic Pot makes a triumphant return in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, which isn't a surprise given how heavily Crisis Core mines classic elements from the original FF7. In Zack's adventure, the Magic Pot is technically a summon.

Of course, the way that summons work is a little different in Crisis Core. For a start they are accessed through the almost entirely random, slot machine style DMW system - and even then, the Magic Pot exists within 'Chocobo Mode', a less commonly occuring variant of the DMW reels. However, you can summon it - if you obtain it. This guide will help you to unlock the Magic Pot, and explain what it does as a summon:

How to find a Magic Pot in Crisis Core to unlock it as a summon

The Crisis Core Magic Pot is one of the more challenging optional DMW additions in the game - as it's a struggle to find one.

Of all the summons in the game, the Magic Pot is undoubtedly the most fiddly to unlock. Yeah, the Cactaur requires you to chase it across multiple side missions, and grabbing the Phoenix Materia as part of the Nibelheim Wonders quest is easily missable - but this damn Magic Pot can take time to appear. 

Here's how it works. The Magic Pot is an enemy that can appear at random, but only in certain missions. It spawns in the 'random' encounters that you walk into in those specific missions.

Once you encounter a Magic Pot, it will ask you to hit it with specific Materia attacks. You need to have those attacks equipped when you encounter the pot, or you're out of luck until the next time you encounter it. Furthermore, the moves each Magic Pot asks to see differs from one stage to the next. 

In order to find a Magic Pot in Crisis Core and then please it enough to have it join you as an ally, you must do the following:

  • Head into a relevant stage, and walk around and get into encounters until a Magic Pot spawns instead of regular enemies.
  • Please note - this will take time. Our first attempt, on Mission 10-2-3, it took about 25 minutes of fleeing from and starting battles repeatedly before a Magic Pot appeared. On a second save, we found a Magic Pot in our third battle!
  • Do not attack the Magic Pot. Instead, wait for it to tell you what move it wants you to use.
  • At that point, use the requested move. Repeat this with the further moves the pot asks for.
  • Once the pot is satisfied, it will become your ally - which in turn unlocks it as a DMW Chocobo Mode Summon!

Crisis Core Magic Pot Missions & Locations

Once you've recruited the Crisis Core Magic Pot, it can appear as a DMW Summon.

You've got a few options for missions to try to locate a Magic Pot - and they are as follows:

  • Mission 10-2-3 'Master Tonberry': This mission is the absolute earliest chance you'll have to reasonably find and beat a magic pot. Just run from the Tonberry enemies until a pot appears. It will ask you to use Jump, Fira, Gravity, and Assault Twister - so make sure you have them when entering the mission.
    • To unlock this mission, you must first defeat the optional Tonberry enemy hiding in Mission 6-1-5 'Buried in the Caverns'. This unlocks 10-2-1 - complete this, then the next mission, to unlock this one.
  • Mission 2-2-6 'World of Monsters': The Master Tonberry in this mission only wants to see relatively easy to obtain Magic - Blizzaga, Firaga, Thundaga, and Gravity.
  • Mission 2-5-4 'New Cavern Found' & 2-5-5 'Another Cavern': Both of these missions are home to Magic Pots that ask to see Ultima, Tri-Fire, Iron Fist, and Electrocute. 
  • Mission 7-6-6 'The Determined Recruiter': This is a special Magic Pot - show it Gil Toss, Costly Punch, 99,999 Damage (hit it for that - there's no Materia called this), and Octaslash, the Sephiroth Limit Break. Doing so unlocks the Genji Shield, one of the most powerful accessories in the game.

Magic Pot Summon Ability & Drops

Like any of the summons in the game, obtaining the Magic Pot in Crisis Core will allow it to be occasionally summoned when the game's silly slot machine random chance mechanic lines up the right way.

As a summon, when called out the Magic Pot uses 'Item Mugger', an ability that basically rewards Zack with a bunch of relatively high-grade items. The exact items recieved depend on the current DMW level you're at:

  • Limit Break Level 1 - Materia:  Libra, Gravija, Drain, Curaga
  • Limit Break Level 2 - Accessories: Iron Bangle, Carbon Bangle, Titanium Bangle, Platinum Bangle
  • Limit Break Level 3 - More Accessories: Kaiser Knuckles, Shinra Beta+, Royal Crown, Crystal Orb
  • Limit Break Level 4 - Rare Items: 5x Elixir, 10x Elixir, 1x Phoenix Down, 3x Phoenix Down
  • Limit Break Level 5 - Rarest Items: Ribbon, 1x Gold Rolling Pin, 3x Gold Rolling Pin, 5x Gold Rolling Pin