Crisis Core: How to use the Boiler Handle to lower the Bathhouse Temperature

In Chapter 6 of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Zack will find himself journeying through a ruined Bathhouse - and during that journey, there's a minor puzzle involing a Boiler Handle, a broken crank, and changing the Bathhouse Temperature.

The puzzle itself is pretty simple. In the Mondeoheim Bathhouse, you'll find an area with a visible chest and deep water that is boiling hot - too hot for Zack to step into. You need to lower the water temperature using a key item and an interactive point in another room - and then you can dash back to grab the items. Here's how the puzzle of the Boiler Handle and the Boiling Bathhouse water goes down:

Where to find the Boiler Handle in Crisis Core

Once you find the Boiler Handle, you can solve one of Crisis Core's many small puzzles.

First thing's first - to complete this puzzle, you'll need the Boiler Handle. If you don't have it by the time you reach the Bathhouse proper and encounter the pool of boiling water during the 'Search for Tseng and Cloud in Mondeoheim' objective, you've gone too far.

To find the Boiler Handle, backtrack to the very first rooms you entered, right at the start of the Bathhouse - and in amongst some rubble in these earliest areas, you'll find the Boiler Handle, a key item required for this puzzle.

If you've picked up the Boiler Handle already and have reached this page searching for what the item is for, stick with us, as we'll now explain...

How to lower the Bathhouse Temperature with the Boiler Valve & Handle

Use the Boiler Handle to lower the Bathhouse Temperature and make some more items available to you.

In order to lower the Bathhouse Temperature and get in that water, you're actually going to need to go a little deeper into the bathhouse and do some backtracking afterwards. So go up the stairs, in the only new direction you can head from the scalding hot bath.

In ths econd floor of the Bathhouse, you'll notice your map begins to call this the "Boiler Room" - which means wer'e close. You can climb down stairs into the area, and find another set of stairs up. At the top of these stairs is a Boiler Valve - and, lo and behold, it's lacking a handle!

Interact with the glowing orange interaction point to insert the Boiler Handle into the valve - and then use the handle to turn the boiler temperature down. This will lower the temperature of the water throughout the bathhouse.

You'll be able to nab a Dispel Materia if you lower the Bathhouse Temperature.

At this point, you can now backtrack to the earlier room and you will be able to safely loot the chest in the previously-inaccessible waterlogged area.

For your trouble, you'll get a Dispel Materia, which can be used to remove buffs fron enemies - which at this stage of the game is actually quite useful.