Crisis Core: Where to get the Dresser Key to get Clothes for Cloud

The events in Nibelheim in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII move pretty quickly - and that can lead to you easily missing a little key item you'll need to progress - the Dresser Key

Chances are if you're searching for the Dresser Key, you're either wondering what it does or you've missed it and are trying to figure out what it does - so on this page, we'll briefly explain both.

Crisis Core FF7: Dresser Key Location & Usage

With the Dresser Key in hand, you can open a door on the upper floor of the Mansion to get clothes for Cloud.

Once events have progressed in Nibelheim, Zack and Cloud will wake up in the basement of Shinra Manor at the onset of Chapter 9 of Crisis Core Reunion (Chapter 10 of the PSP original), and as part of the escape from Shinra Manor, Zack will need to find Cloud some new clothes. 

When you reach the main area of the Manor - the same place where you will have earlier been searching the Shinra Manor Safe Code as one of the Seven Wonders - Zack will put Cloud down and be able to explore the manor in full.

In the top-left bedroom there's a dresser wardrobe, which is home to the clothes you need for Cloud. To open the doors, however, you need the Dresser Key.

Truth be told, you should've picked this up earlier, but if you didn't, the Dresser Key is located down in the basement, in the room where Zack and Cloud first woke up.

To get the Dresser Key in Crisis Core Reunion, make sure you inspect the unconscious scientist.

Specifically, there's a scientist that Zack knocked out. Head back downstairs if you lack the key, and interact with the unconscious body of Hojo's scientist minion in order to get the dresser key.

With the key in hand, you can open the dresser and get the SOLDIER First Class uniform for Cloud - a version of the iconic outfit he wears in Final Fantasy VII! You don't need to put it on Cloud - it'll automatically happen when Zack goes to leave Shinra Manor. Thus, the Origin of Cloud's outfit is revealed...