Persona 3 Portable: Ryoji (Fortune) social link choices guide

Among all of the newly added social links in Persona 3 Portable, there are probably few more interesting than Ryoji Mochizuki’s - the Fortune Arcana for the female main character’s playthrough. 

Due to the special circumstances surrounding this social link’s advancement, all players will need to do in order to progress his S-Link is to agree to meet with him every time he requests it; on the flip side, if you neglect to meet with him even once, you will have your S-Link with him frozen, and will be unable to progress any further.

Ryoji Mochizuki S-Link Guide - Fortune

Both protagonists will get to know the guy, but the Ryoji social link allows the female protagonist in Persona 3 Portable to dig a little deeper with this vital character.

As we just said - Ryoji’s S-Link is equal parts simple to max out, but also incredibly strict at the same time. In order to max out the Persona 3 Portable Ryoji Mochizuki Fortune social link you will have to meet with him every single time he requests your presence during the events of the game. Missing even one meeting will permanently lock away the completion of his social link

While certain dialogue options will grant you more S-Link EXP, these don’t actually benefit the player, as simply meeting with him at every opportunity - a prerequisite for the S-Link by the default - will organically lead to maxing your relationship with him out. In short, you don't need to worry about the dialogue options for this social link, which is refreshing. 

While Ryoji will actively invite you during the course of the game - and, as such, it’s essentially impossible to miss when and where you’ll need to be to engage with his S-Link - we’ll still list the exact circumstances for each rank below.

If you're playing as the male protagonist, things are more traditional, with Ryoji replaced by the Keisuke social link instead. You can find the choices for that, and all other links, in our Persona 3 Portable Social Link guide.

Unlock & Rank 1:

This S-Link will unlock automatically through the course of the story; expect the friendship to be formed and kick off the Ryoji social link on November 9th. 

Choices at this rank don’t matter - the rank up happens the same regardless.

Rank 1 > 2:

You will reach Rank 2 with Ryoji’s S-Link automatically through the course of the story, on November 12.

Although some dialogue here can elicit a more positive response, it doesn’t impact the social link, so you can choose whatever dialogue options you like.

Rank 2 > 3:

In order to reach Rank 3 of this social link you must talk with Ryoji after school when requested and agree to hang out with him at that time. If you don’t, your S-Link will freeze here. 

During the link, any dialogue options are appropriate.

Rank 3 > 4:

For Rank 4, you must agree to spend time with Ryoji during the Kyoto school trip. 

This is only even given as an option if you’re already at Rank 3. Neglecting to hang out in Kyoto will freeze the Ryoji social link here forever.

As always, the dialogue options here don’t matter. Some give bonus points, but this S-Link will rank up at the same rate anyway.

Rank 4 > 5:

After the Kyoto school trip, on November 19 and so long as you spent time together on that trip, Ryoji will once again request to meet up for the next rank. 

Again, spend time with him - if you don’t, the S-Link will freeze and stop here.

Feel free to say whatever you want in the conversation - it will not impact the S-Link rank up process.

Rank 5 > 6:

You will reach Rank 6 automatically if you have successfully continued his S-Link through this point of the game.

Your dialogue choices don’t matter - the rank up will happen at the same pace regardless of your words.

Rank 6 > 7:

You will reach Rank 7 automatically if you have successfully continued his S-Link through this point of the game.

As always, you can say whatever you like to Ryoji without worrying.

Rank 7 > 8:

It’s time for another pitfall where you can accidentally close off this social link - but the answer, as ever, is to agree to hang out. 

Ryoji will once again request to meet, this time on November 29. As always, you must speak with him and spend time together or else the S-Link will freeze in place.

This is the only rank of the Ryoji social link with a choice that matters - if you want to enter into a romantic relationship or not. Specifically:

  • You feel that you need to respond carefully to this…
    • Romance Relationship: “Okay.” 
    • Friendship Only: “As a friend, then…”

Rank 8 > 9:

Once again, you must agree to speak with Ryoji after school one last time in order to continue his S-Link.

There are different versions of this scene for the Romance and Friendship paths through the relationship, but neither matter in dialogue terms - say whatever you like; go with your heart!

Rank 9 > 10:

You will reach Rank 10 automatically if you have successfully continued his S-Link through this point of the game.

At Rank 10, on December 31, regardless of if you chose the Friendship or Romantic routes, you’ll be faced with a huge choice. This can lead to the True Ending of Persona 3, or the Bad Ending, so pay attention.

The choice goes like this:

  • This is a very important decision. You must choose wisely.
    • True Ending: “Let Live.”
    • Bad Ending: Kill
  • Tell me your answer… // I don’t want you to suffer…
    • True Ending: “Let Live.”
    • Bad Ending: “Kill.”