Persona 3 Portable: Akihiko (Star) social link choices guide

Exclusive to the female protagonist, the Persona 3 Portable Akhiko Sanada social link offers an opportunity for the player to get to know the main party member even better, and even offers an exclusive romance. 

Like any other S-Link, there are a number of reasons to want to spend time with Akihiko and improve your relationship with him. There’s the option to romance him that we mentioned above, but even if you decide to stay platonic with him reaching Rank 10 will unlock an item that will allow you to fuse the powerful Persona Helel. 

Akihiko Sanada S-Link Guide - Star

The female lead can get to know this party member much more closely with Persona 3 Portable's Akihiko social link. Here's how to impress - and romance him.

Considering his role as a main party member, it’s a bit of a surprise that the Persona 3 Portable Akihiko Sanada Star social link wasn’t already a part of the base game; but regardless of the reasoning, it’s still great that a means of better getting to know him exists at all. As previously mentioned, this S-Link is exclusive to the female lead - the male protagonist’s Star Arcana relationship is instead the Mamoru social link.

Like most other S-Links, advancing your relationship with Akihiko once unlocked requires the player to spend time with him - and can be boosted via the usage of Persona matching his arcana. Like most other S-Links, the hidden stat that determines whether you can level up your relationship with him can be better impacted depending on some of the answers you give during dialogue options throughout his S-Link events.

Of course, not every choice will ultimately matter - so if you don’t see one listed below, assume that either none of the options will have an impact, or all will have an equal effect on the amount of bonus EXP you can be granted. As always, make sure that you bring along a Persona of the Star arcana when spending time with Akihiko.

  • Akihiko can be found near the courtyard on the first floor Laboratory Hallway at Gekkoukan on Monday and Friday, during the daytime.

If you want help with all of the other dialogue choices, we've got 'em for every character as part of our Persona 3 Portable Social Link guide. Check it!

Unlock & Rank 1:

You’ll be able to start Akihiko’s S-Link with the female protagonist after you’ve defeated the Priestess Shadow on the second Full Moon. You’ll also have to have at least level four of your Charm social stat in order to catch his attention.

There aren't any choices that impact your progress this rank - everything is neutral, so you can pick whatever dialogue option you like.

Rank 1 > 2:

The following choices can impact your relationship with this rank.

  • But, I’m drenched in sweat…
    • “Don’t catch a cold.” +2
  • You can’t do a back hip circle, can you?
    • “Yes I can!” or “I bet you can’t either, senpai!” +3

Rank 2 > 3:

The following choices can impact your relationship with this rank.

  • The combined power of the two girls glaring at you feels like your skin is being burned away.
    • “Let’s go, Senpai!” +3
  • …What’s the matter?
    • “Yes, it was great.” +3

Rank 3 > 4:

The following choices can impact your relationship with this rank.

  • Oh, no, it was just a rumor I heard. Sorry.
    • “It’s all right.” +3
  • If I hear anyone say that again, I’ll tell them it’s not true.
    • "Please do." +3

Rank 4 > 5:

The following choices can impact your relationship with this rank.

  • …..
    • “Did you not like it?” +3
  • …Sorry about what happened back there.
    • “It’s not your fault, Senpai.” +3

Rank 5 > 6:

The following choices can impact your relationship with this rank.

  • Akhiko is absentmindedly watching them off…
    • “He’s just a child.” +3
  • Do you think I’m… strange?
    • “You’re charming.” +3

Rank 6 > 7:

The following choices can impact your relationship with this rank.

  • No, that’s not it, either. I guess… I get nervous.
    • “Do I seem unreliable?” +3
  • Akihiko sighs…
    • “What’s the matter?” +3
    • “Should I still be the leader?” +3

Rank 7 > 8:

The following choices can impact your relationship with this rank.

  • Thanks for coming out today…
    • “I’m happy to be with you.” +3
  • Akihiko’s lips are trembling...
    • “That’s not true!” +3

Rank 8 > 9:

This rank is important, as it's the one where you decide if you want a romance with Akihiko or just want to continue as friends. In addition, leading Akihiko on here for a romance and then going back on it can break the social link, rendering it impossible to complete. Here's how the choices break down:

  • That’s a pity, since the wind is so nice right now.
    • “Do you come here often?” +3
  • ...It’s the weirdest thing.
    • Romance: "You're in love."
    • Friendship: "That's just how things are."
    • Friendship: "That's just how things are."
  • If on the Romance path: Will you be my girl?
    • Romance: "Yes!"
    • Broken S-Link: "I'm sorry, but..."

Rank 9 > 10:

Regardless of if you chose to date Akihiko or not, none of the dialogue options impact the progression of your S-Link here. You'll have one dialogue choice as friends, or four for a romance, but none of them have any material effect on hitting max rank.

Summer Festival Event

There's a handful of choices for the Akihiko social link during the Summer Festival event:

  • There’s a lot of people too… Make sure you don’t get separated, okay?
    • “Should we hold hands?” +3
  • The box is filled with indiviudallly numbered balls…
    • "Pick one immediately" - Gives you a Kaleidoscope Item
    • "Stir them around first" - Gives you a Jack Frost Doll Item

Phone Calls

  • 9/27 - Do you want to go swimming with me when the pool opens?
    • “I look forward to it.” +3
  • 10/25 - 'A delicious way of eating cup ramen' ... Do you know what you’re supposed to do?
    • “Put an egg in.” +3
  • 1/5 - What in the world do I have to say to get her to stop?
    • “I have a girlfriend.” +3