Wild Hearts: How to gather Pet Kemono Tail Feathers

While Wild Hearts understandably borrows much of its gameplay loop from the ever-present Monster Hunter, there's a number of mechanics that Koei Tecmo and EA's latest crack at the formula adds to the mix that might catch players off guard; one of those features is Pet Kemono. Much like in Monster Hunter: World, players can capture wildlife through the game's various maps; but unlike Capcom's take on the idea, Wild Hearts offers a gameplay reason to display the creatures you've collected.

How to Capture & Display Pet Kemono

Chances are you've already collected a few pets in Wild Hearts, if you've even spend a small amount of time with the game; walking up to any small creature and pressing LT or L2 will have your hunter scoop them into their pockets. What might not be immediately obvious is how you'd go about displaying them; and how that ties into gathering materials that are used in crafting equipment.

The secret lies within the Karakuri skill tree; the Wildlife Cage and the Wildlife Pen. The cage is the first you're likely to unlock, but regardless of which you ultimately decide to use; in practice, there isn't much difference between one or the other. As per the description for the Wildlife Cage, animals placed in the cage will drop materials over time. Simply set the Dragon Karakuri down and interact with it in order to select an animal to place in the enclosure.

How to gather Pet Kemono Tail Feathers

Now, Pet Kemono Tail Feathers are one of a number of materials that you can gather from Wildlife Pens or Cages; namely, from birds. In order to gather some you'll want to place a bird in a Cage or Pen, then complete a hunt and return to the enclosure. With any luck your little buddy will have left you the Pet Kemono Tail Feather you seek; simply build more enclosures to place more birds in if you want to speed up the process.