Wild Hearts: Where to find Gloaming Ore

Most of the Minato Requests in Wild Hearts are very straightforward. Almost all of them will place an icon on your map, have you hunt down a monster or two, and then have you report back to the quest giver in Minato for a small reward. However, one request in Chapter 4 -- Fettered Feelings - Part 3 -- will require you to gather a Gloaming Ore for Seren. Unlike the most straightfoward hunt-focused requests, this one works a little bit differently. Here, we'll explain where and how to find the Gloaming Ore for Seren's request.


Wild Hearts: Where to find Gloaming Ore

The main hint to where and how the find the Gloaming Ore can be found in the quest text. In Seren's cryptic note, the hint says "A rock concealed in a soaring cliff, revealed but in the eventide - a stone of sweet recollection."  The quest log will also state "It seems as though Akikure Canyon is the place to look for them". Put these things together, and the answer is clear: You must explore Akikure Canyon in the Evening.

The easiest way to do this is to simply head out to one of your campsites in Akikure Caynon, visit one of your Hunter's Tents, and then select Rest until evening. After doing so, you'll need to head to the marked yellow area in the lower left section of the map: You can also rest in your house in Minato as well.

The Gloaming Ore location in Akikure Canyon.

Once there, you should spot the Gloaming Ore on the side wall of the ridge. It will appear like a red ore with extra shine and sparkle. If you pick up the ore at any time other than Evening, you'll receive a regular Ore. However, pick up the item at the appropriate time, and you'll receive Gloaming Ore.



Once you have the ore in hand, simply return back to Minato and Seren to wrap up the request.