Final Fantasy XVI: Dozmare, the Griffin Hunt Location

The second B Rank Hunt you come across in Final Fantasy XVI is none other than Dozmare, a powerful Griffin. But to fight it, you’ll have to figure out the exact hunt location first.

While Dozmare in particular is a reference from Final Fantasy III, Griffins debuted as enemies in that game too. We've seen them several times since then, but Dozmare in particular hasn't left that game - until now, when he makes a return as a deep-cut enemy in FF16.

As with all of the FF16 Hunts, a big part of the challenge is finding each hunt. We've got a full FF16 Hunt Locations guide - but on this guide, we explain specifically where to track down this FF3 throwback.

Dozmare is a B Rank Hunt at level 28, which won't be the hardest hunt in the game but could be a fair challenge for you if you fight it unprepared. Dozmare will also not appear on the hunt board until initiating the quest Blacksmith's Blues, which will unlock during the MSQ "Here Be Monsters". You can also not clear the quest until you fell the beast.

To get the rewards, you’ll need to find and defeat Dozmare - which this page will help you to do.

Dozmare is the return of a classic Final Fantasy III boss, back as a B-rank hunt in FF16

Here’s what the Hunt board says of this beast:

“While passing along the trail from Lostwing to Caer Norvent, one of our order was met with a sudden blast of wind so strong that it bent back the trunks of the old oaks, and heard a cry so terrible that he ran for his life. Questioning the locals revealed that this area was the nesting place of the elder griffin known as "Dozmare”—a beast much hated for its appetite both for chocobos and for children.

Well we can't very much let that go loose. Think of the children.

Griffin Hunt Location - Dozmare

After speaking to Charon in this quest, you'll need to go to the Hunt Board and select "Ask about Griffin Sightings" to Nektar, the Moogle. Dozmare is located in the region of Sanbreque, with nearest fast travel obelisks being the town of Lostwing.

You'll want to start at Norvent Valley, and then travel south-east until you reach a bridge leading you to the Caer Norvent area. Dozmare is located at the right end of the side quest marker zone, south of the Caer Norvent River Gate landmark.

Once you kill Dozmare, you will obtain an immediate reward of 1 Scarletite and 1 Meteorite. The quest isn't over though, so you need to talk to the nearby NPC and then head back to the Hideaway.

Once you return to Blackthorne, you'll clear the quest and be rewarded with 10 Renown and the Drakeslayer's Belt Design Draft letting you craft a new piece of gear for Clive. Look at that, you made Blackthorne's day.