Starfield: Hitting the Jackpot on the Almagest with the Jackpot Combination

One of the more interesting locations in Starfield is the spacefaring casino, the Almagest - and hidden within are its riches, free for you to plunder. That is, if you can make your way past the Spacers, find the code needed to pay your winnings, and discover exactly where to input the code in question. Thankfully, we've figured it out for you - and it's not as difficult as it might first appear.

First things first - to find the Almagest itself, you'll want to look to the Olympus system. It will be in orbit around one of the planets. Approach it with your ship, get ready to dock, and once you've dealt with the Spacers inside - it's time to figure out how to get your reward.

Finding and entering the Jackpot Combination

While you can find the Jackpot combination for yourself in a booth near the bottom of the space station, let's save you some time by letting you know the code right here and now. The numbers are 12, 19, 36 and 5 - in that order. Remember them for later! 

Next, you'll want to approach the giant vault - also near the bottom of the vessel. If you look closely, you'll discover that there's actually a hallway you can access nearby. Float inside to find the terminal where you'll want to enter the combination.

Almagest Jackpot Terminal

Interact with the terminal, and you'll once again be asked to enter the Jackpot Combination. Remembering the numbers you found - or read - before, enter 12, 19, 36 and 5 in that order. Once you've confirmed the code, you can choose to payout your winnings and you'll be gifted several thousand credits. Less than what you might have expected, but there's another prize waiting just behind you. Contraband! If you can take this to a trade authority location elsewhere in the universe, you can sell the contents for tens of thousands of credits. Best of luck evading those scanners, Constellation!