Starfield: Selling Ships and how to Register your stolen vessels

Throughout the course of Starfield, chances are you'll be gifted plenty of ships - though, considering how some are better than others, chances are you won't have too much of a need for specific vessels. Thankfully, players can always sell ships in their possession for cash; potentially an excellent source of income. However, the game doesn't make it immediately obvious how to do so - especially if you wanted to truly roleplay a pirate, and opted to steal a ship to turn around and sell. Don't worry though; once you know the process, it's not that bad to keep up.

How to sell ships in Starfield

If it's a run-of-the-mill ship that you received as a reward for a quest or purchased, selling a ship is simple enough; head up to any ship vendor in a settlement - any vendors that can sell ship parts or upgrade your currently equipped parts - and choose to go to their ship purchase option. From there, press the button listed at the bottom of the screen to switch to "Sale" mode. This will, by default, either by the Y button on an Xbox controller, or the R key on a keyboard and mouse setup. From there, you'll merely have to highlight the ship that you wish to sell and press the confirm button. Congrats, you've sold a ship!

How to register stolen ships in Starfield

Now, while registered ships are simple enough to sell - there's a wrinkle when it comes to selling stolen or otherwise unregistered ships. Before you can either upgrade or sell any stolen ship, you'll have to pay a registration fee first. This can be done from any ship vendor, and the steps are similar to selling a ship listed above. However, when you go to sell it you'll be asked if you want to register it first. Pay the fee and your ship will be registered, and you'll finally be able to sell your stolen vessel.

Of course, while selling a stolen vessel you'll have to account for the fee required to register it first - so if you plan to be a pirate, we might recommend making it a point to scavenge whatever you can from the ship before selling it. Even then, you'll still make a profit over any ship you register in order to sell. Either way, best of luck in your travels, Constellation!