Starfield: Renaming your Ships through the Ship Builder

If you're like me, and you've been playing Starfield, chances are you've wanted the option to rename your ships to better match your vision for what they should be. What should be a readily apparent option, however, might just be the most convoluted mechanic in the game - and has some limitations that ideally shouldn't exist. Hopefully there will be an easy mod for PC players to have a better method of renaming ships, but for now, here's all you need to know to do the deed yourself - regardless of your platform.

Renaming a Ship

First things first; if you attempted to rename your ship through the pause menu, chances are your next stop was a ship technician - but at first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking the option to rename a ship didn't exist at all. Thankfully it does, but it's tucked away a few menus deep to the point where most players wouldn't even know where to find it. Worst of all, if you have a ship that can't be upgraded or modified, you can't rename the ship at all.

To rename your ship, you have to go into the Ship Builder for the ship you wish to rename, immediately disqualifying any ships that you are unable to modify. Next, you'll need to start a Flight Check - and it's only from this submenu that you can rename your vessel. Not as an option from the main ship viewing menu showcasing all of your ships, not from the main Ship Builder menu, but rather the Flight Check submenu.

Once you've successfully found the Rename function, it's as simple as entering a new name, selecting confirm, and you're all done. Here's hoping we get a much easier implementation with a patch in the future.