Starfield: Unlocking the Starborn Guardian starship as a New Game+ reward

The below page has spoilers for the ending of Starfield. You have been warned!

There are many reasons that players might want to get to New Game+ in Starfield sooner than later, but what's especially neat is the bonuses players will receive after leaving their original universes behind. One of those is the Starborn Spacesuit, which gives your character the standard appearance of the same Starborn enemies that you'll encounter throughout the game - but the other, more meaningful bonus is the Starborn Guardian - a New Game+ exclusive ship, with a wholly unique interior and weapons.

Unlocking the Starborn Guardian

It's simple - by finishing Starfield, and deciding to be reincarnated in a different universe as a Starborn, players will wake up in Vectera's orbit from their brand-new Starborn Guardian vessel, while wearing their brand-new Starborn Spacesuit. Both of these "freebies" act like a set-it-and-forget-it upgrade, helping launch you through the early hours of a new campaign. Both come fully upgraded, and in-fact the Starborn Guardian cannot be customized whatsoever - on the flip side, however, both your Spacesuit and your Spaceship will increase in power with every additional New Game+ cycle you'll embark on.

While you'll have to redo any of the side quests you might have completed in your previous universe, between these neat bonuses and the ability to skip the main story - it's very easy to get back in the flow of things, with the exception that recreating any outposts will likely take you a while to build up towards, especially when replenishing the resources necessary to craft them.

Once again, a word of warning that you are completely incapable of upgrading your Starborn Guardian outside of progressing to the next New Game+ cycle, so inevitably you'll want to unlock another ship such as the Star Eagle, or overhauling the Frontier. Regardless of what your New Game+ runs ends up looking like, however, there really isn't a better way to start it than with the especially cool Starborn gear. Have fun with New Game+, Constellation!