Lies of P Trinity Solutions - Answer simple puzzles unlock the End of Riddles achievement

The city of Krat has a number of secret and not-so-secret nooks and crannies hidden away, but the Lies of P Trinity rooms are one group of hidden loot caches that requires a small quest to gain access to. To help you locate and get into these rooms, which contain some valuable loot items, we've come up with a quick guide to help you. Read on for more about the Lies of P Trinity puzzle solutions.

Note: Though the puzzles refer heavily to a "Trinity", there are actually five Trinity rooms to unlock. Unlocking all of them will trigger the End of Lies achievement/trophy.

How to Access and Unlock the Lies of P Trinity Rooms

Trinity rooms are a series of special locked rooms that contain little bits of lore as well as a safe with treasure. Each room is behind a pair of green doors emblazoned with a triangle symbol. Getting into a Trinity room requires a Trinity key - a special key that you receive only by interacting with Arlecchino - the King of Riddles. You engage with Arlecchino by answering one of several pay phones located throughout Krat. When picking up the call, Arlecchino will confront you with a riddle. A correct answer nets you a Trinity key, which can unlock any Trinity room you encounter (except the last one, but we'll get to that later).

For your convenience, we're going to pair each Trinity key solution with the nearest Trinity room. However, remember that any key you have can unlock any of the Trinity rooms, so strictly speaking, it doesn't matter where you get a key.


Trinity Riddle 1 - Area II (Krat City Hall Courtyard)

You'll encounter your first Trinity riddle at a phone located outside the Vegnini Works factory in Area III. You'll enter the area from Krat City Hall, following the boss fight against the Scrapped Watchman. The phone is located across the bridge from the factory itself, after an archway.

Pick up the phone and allow Arlecchino to go through his spiel.

The answer to his riddle is Human. You'll receive a Trinity key for your trouble.


Trinity Room 1 - Area III (Vegnini Works Control Room)

The first available Trinity room is deep inside the Vegnini Works complex. It's easiest to access from the Vegnini Works Control Room stargazer. From there, backtrack until you find the walkway where you meet the Black Cat and Fox NPCs for the first time. It's a high ledge overlooking the central pond where the giant Puppet of the Future can be seen walking.

Walk past Black Cat and Fox's position and enter a room that splits off into a corridor defended by puppets with tools and a large red pipe. Enter the corridor to see the Trinity Room.

Inside the room is the Blueblood's Tailcoat costume and a piece of Quartz.


Trinity Riddle 2 - Area V (Malum District Town Hall)

The next available Trinity riddle payphone is located a little ways before the Malum District Town Hall stargazer (which is unlocked after the area boss fight). Backtrack from the stargazer to near the flooded plaza where enemies on rooftops throw decay bombs at you from above. Just past the exit of the area you'll find a dry room where a zombie will attempt to ambush you by falling through the floor. The phone is on the second floor of the building.

Answer the phone. Respond to Arlecchino's riddle with Candle. Once again, you'll receive a Trinity key.


Trinity Room 2 - Area IV (St. Frangelico Cathedral Library)

The Trinity room in the St. Frangelico Cathedral is easiest to get to from the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library. Spawn at the library and backtrack to the room where you must cross past the rotating gears, and enter the corridor where an electric ball hazard rolls down the alley. If you're coming from the Library stargazer, you should arrive at the point where the electric balls start rolling. Move towards the wheel, climb the ladder, and run up the second ball corridor to find the Trinity Room.

The safe here rewards you with a Black Cat Amulet and the Monster Sweeper's Hunting Attire costume.


Trinity Riddle 3 - Area VII (Grand Exhibition Gallery)

The Trinity riddle here emanates from a phone you find after unlocking the bridge shortcut in the Grand Exhibition Gallery hall. It's past a room where you fight a gauntlet of puppets that were trying to break through a gate.

Answer Arlecchino's riddle with Egg. Unfortunately, he has another step to his puzzle, where you must take the key from the hands of a "cold woman".

You'll find the woman in question near the room that contains replicas of Vegnini's tram cars and several gun-toting foes. The room has a pair of statues, one of which is "coldly" faced away from the other. Rotate the unusual statue to open a compartment and reveal the Trinity key.


Trinity Room 3 - Area VIII (Estella Opera House Stage)

Just before the boss arena at the Estella Opera House, you'll find a room with a large hole bridged by a narrow beam. A burning chandelier swings over its path. Drop down into the hole, and you'll see the Trinity room door in the space below.

Inside the Trinity room is a safe containing a piece of Quartz and the Belford Superior Corrosion Resistance Converter.


Trinity Key 4 - Area IX (Krat Central Station Street)

As part of the story you'll revisit Krat Central Station and the immediate environs. From the stargazer, simply proceed along the path until you encounter an area where it forks on the way to the arena for the Parade Leader boss fight. One of the paths should lead by the sea. Take that path and find the phone.

The answer to Arlecchino's riddle is Ergo.


Trinity Room 4 - Area IX (Krat Central Station)

You probably saw the Trinity room before you had a key to open it with. It's located just off the side of the Krat Central Station stargazer. You can backtrack from obtaining the key to open this, or wait until the story moment has passed and you've reactivated the stargazers and just teleport there.

The Trinity Room's safe contains the Workshop Master's Workwear costume and the Carrier's Amulet +1.


Trinity Riddle 5 - Area X (Rise of Trismegistus Entrance)

You'll open up a new area full of puppets and carcasses alike. Above the entrance to the boss corridor, you'll see an unusually out-of-place phone ringing on top of a cliff.

Answer it Arlecchino's riddle any way you wish. The question is rhetorical. You'll receive a special Trinity key that, unlike the others, can only be used to open one Trinity room.


Trinity Room 5 -  Area XI (Arche Abbey Outer Wall)

The final Trinity room is at the bottom of a tall atrium criscrossed by wooden beams. Make your way there and open it up to solve the last Trinity room puzzle. You'll be asked to answer a question, and you'll be rewarded regardless of your answer.

You'll receive a piece of Quartz, a collectible, an Ergo crystal, and the Alchemist's Cape costume.

Once all the Trinity Rooms have been opened, you should unlock the "End of Riddles" achievement or trophy.

Lies of P is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Check out RPG Site's official review and a handful of tips for beginning the game.